Thursday , May 13 2021

Penguin D Murray (LBI) "Longer-term"

Pittsburgh The penguins set up an experienced goalkeeper Matt Murray an early reserve on Thursday, one day after team coach Mike Sullivan said Murray remained number one on the team.

Sullivan said on Thursday that the penguins did not expect to put Murray in IR, but the doctors of the team decided that the break is the best way for the goalkeeper to act.

"Mat will be a longer term with a lower bodily harm, and this morning he was appreciated by our team doctors," Sullivan said, "this is something he has been doing for a few weeks. The decision was made this morning to rest and see if that allowed him to heal. "

The team announced Tristan Jari has been urgently urged by the American Hockey League.

Murray has not played since November 17th until Casey Desmith started six of the last seven matches of the team. DeSmith put aside 18 of 19 shots that faced Dallas stars on Wednesday evening – his third start and the first win of November 10th.

Desmut has 13 starts on Murray's 11th, with a 924 per cent drop from Murray's 877 mark, but Sullivan said on Wednesday he was expecting Murray to move forward by pointing two sets of games back next week.

"We currently have two goalkeepers," Sullivan said, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune review. "The reality is that you need two top scorers in this league to win." In the big picture, Matt is our number one, of course he is, he's a really good goalkeeper and we believe in him and he's a finished man We know he is capable of great things.

"Here we have a lot of games where we play terribly many games and both of us will see time and it will be important to bring Mat back on track and that's our intention, of course he is a very important player for us.

Murray, 4-5-1 this season, scored a 27-16-3 record last season with 2.92 goals against an average of .907 percent. He has posted a rescue rate of .923 and a record 32-10-4 during the season 2016-17, but has sought to reach the same level since then.

DeSmith scored five goals in 40 shots as the penguins failed their 4: 1 behavior in the loss of the Buffalo Sabers race on Monday night. He said he was excited to get a chance of redemption on Wednesday night.

"That was great," Desmith said. "I was not miserable with my game the other day, and to win another shot and make it to win and win tonight like us, that sounds really good to me."

Penguins visit Boston Bruins Friday night before returning to their home on Saturday against Columbus Blue Jackets.

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