Sunday , January 24 2021

Persona 5's Joker is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate like DLC

The Nintendo 2018 Gaming Awards reveal what's next Super Fast Bros, Joker by Persona 5 will join the list next year as the 76th fighter of the game, reveals a new trailer. The main character of one of the best rollers last year will be among the first fighters to be available as DLC.

Joker is the name of the Phantom Thief host Persona 5Players can choose their civilian name, but he and the rest of the teenage crew are going to use these code names – and their very good costumes – when they come across different areas to help solve some serious existential mysteries and crimes. Persona 5 can only be played on PlayStation consoles, which makes the character and the first type of Switch game.

Joker will be available for purchase separately, but he will also come as part of Super Fast Bros Battle Pass. This will include five different packages, each of which includes a fighter, stage and music. The entire pass will charge players $ 24.99.

Players may have to expect the first DLC package for Super Smash Bros. ultimate to be released early next year after the release of Piranha Plant – a fighter who will be endowed with the early adopters of the game, although we will be able to buy it if we miss this original window.

Super Fast Bros will be released tomorrow, December 7, for the Nintendo Switch.

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