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Please read this before purchasing 4K TV for Black Friday or for any sale event –

Stefan Jukich – 23 November 2018

There are many really good 4K television deals before, during and even for a few days immediately after this year's Black Friday event. Here at 4K.com we are dealing with those we think offer honestly discounts for what we professionally consider to be authentic good TVs. Many of them are listed at the bottom of this post. However, this purposefulness and filtering does not apply to any 4K TV discount out there and for many of the products you will see being put on sale, or the reduced prices are not as real as they are made to be or, worse still, the TVs that are offered are not as good as they are more expensive despite the lower prices. Then, of course, there are also technical issues that need to be considered when choosing the right TV for your needs.

To clear some of the potential buyer's traps on these issues and to help you make sure you spend every dollar on your UHD TV channel budget for something you'll really appreciate for a long time, we've gathered these key tips that really you should know if you are not fully aware of what to look for when you buy your 4K TV. Let's start.

Number of ports to connect

Most of today's 4K branded TVs this year or any new year come with many standardized numbers and types of connection ports, and these are more than enough for almost any normal external device you need that you would you could throw them. The usual pattern in most of these TVs is the following:

  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 3 USB ports
  • 1 port for digital optical audio output
  • 1 analog audio output jack 3.5 mm
  • 1 Port tuner (cable / antenna)
  • 1 Ethernet port

Please read this before purchasing a 4K TV for the Black Friday Cyber ​​Week

They may differ slightly, with some TVs having only two USB ports or three of them, but with types 2.0 instead of a more powerful 3.0. Other TVs may not have a tuner or an analog audio connection. Others (quite a few) do not have a tuner. Another major problem may be the nature of HDMI ports. The best-connected 4K TVs will feature a full 4K HDR bandwidth in all four, while some of them offer this feature in several of their HDMI sockets. The bottom line here is that this is something you really need to check before buying a particular TV because if you need this extra USB port or a full 4K HDR transition in all four HDMI ports if you do not have one, your new home TV and unpack it.

Go to HDR

HDR or high dynamic range is still not mastered in most of today's digital content but its presence is steadily increasing and you can be 100% sure it will become almost universal in most 4K video source and console games earlier rather than later, we'll probably start seeing a lot of HDR formatting for ordinary HD broadcast programs in a few years. For this reason, and because HDR really looks pretty good when it's shown on a TV that is capable of doing it, you really have to make a TV that it really can do.

Fortunately, most of today's newer 4K TVs come with at least some kind of HDR display capabilities, and this even applies to virtually all budget TV models from 2017. The feature will become better and more widespread on all models with ultra HD TVs down the road so you can go for it right now. Premium and ultra-premium 4K HDR TVs offer an exceptionally high dynamic range with better peak brightness, stronger contrasting power and much richer color effects, but as we have said, even cheaper models deliver these key aspects of HDR to a well-known degree.


Check the refresh rate

Almost all 4K TVs sold in North America will have a refresh rate of 120Hz or refresh pressure of 60Hz built into their displays. All the other numbers you see are just hip for interpolation for movements that artificially "improve" these natural refresh rates. But even with these improved numbers, things go just that way, so for a 4K TV that claims to improve 240Hz motion, it actually offers its own 120Hz panel and for TVs that offer 120Hz improvement what you actually get , is 60Hz of refresh.

Now, the 60Hz and 120Hz display TVs will perform perfectly with most TV content, but a natural refresh TV of 120Hz will provide significantly better motion control and motion blur control for streaming, broadcasting, or streaming content. transmission of hard disks. The difference is not huge, but it is important if you are a big fan of sports shows and many action movies. If this is the case, and you want the smooth movement to make these content types really flow more clearly, we would definitely recommend a TV with a frequency range of 120Hz 4K, although they are more expensive.

Do not worry about the smart TV

Smart TV platforms are now in almost all 4K TVs. This was not true in the earlier days of 2014 when the earliest models came out, but now it's standard. However, not all intelligent platforms are created equal, and some brands, such as Samsung, offer considerably less intelligent functionality and access to application applications than others.

However, this is not so important because, despite your intelligent 4K TV platform, you can always buy an external streaming media stick or set-top box to use on the native platform on the TV itself. Today there is a whole range of them, and some like Roku made by the Roku platform in them, come with their own absolutely perfect layout of the content of app / smart TV programs to play with. They are also quite cheap, and the Amazon Fire 4K TV stick costs less than $ 50 dollars and a really good streaming media case, with Roku Ultra sales now (only Black Friday as far as we know) for only 49.99 dollar.


In other words, never let your 4K TV's native intelligence function decide if you are buying this TV. If the TV is great but there is an unstable platform to pick it up, and if a TV with a great platform is crushed, forget it and buy a better TV if it meets your budget, smart functionality can be fixed later.

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Avoid everything that is too cheap at cost

There are some really good, really affordable 4K TVs out there and they can be incredibly cheap. In fact, some of the excellent Black Friday deals at the bottom of this post cover some of these models at an honest fantastic price. However, there is little restriction on this and the reputation of the brand plays a role in it.

Basically, there are good TVs that happen to be cheap and then there are televisions that are just cheap because they are really cheap made. Avoid these, even if you think you are saving a lot of money because the dollars have broken the purchase price, it will cost you a lot when your TVs have taken for a few months or make you suffer from such good picture quality that even 4K resolution can " Do not save him.

A good basic rule you should follow here (even if it looks a little stupid) is to stick to branded TVs with a reputable brand for quality budgeting. Our television reviews on this site and our main page for ranking in TV channels are good guides to this. Another good rule is not to buy 4K televisions that cost less than $ 300. Almost all of them are used or are old for newer standards if they are brand models or just come from brands that do not provide reasonable productivity as much as they promise.

Black Friday offers the Samsung NU6900 2018 4K HDR TV

Watch for used / repaired 4K TVs

As a result of the top just above this, we also recommend you watch out for seemingly amazing deals on 4K TVs that are actually selling that cheap because they are using models that have been repaired. Now this rule is one that needs a little quick qualification. If a TV is equipped with a solid warranty of at least one year from the dealer itself, it can still be a lot, even as a refreshed model. After all, this is a problem. However, make sure that this is the case before you buy, because without a warranty, the 4K used TV is a bad idea no matter how much you get for it. A good example of reliable repaired models will be those you often see to be available on Amazon and backed by the shop with a 1 year warranty. They are often cheaper than their brand new versions and they are also a very secure bet.

Now that you've gone through these important tips, here are some of our fantastic and truly great Black Friday deals for the big 4K TVs and electronics. All of the following offer high-quality TVs and other electronics at prices that mean really high value for your money.

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