Monday , June 14 2021

Police release the identity of a victim suspected of a deadly weapon at a western home in Toronto

Police have revealed the identity of a woman who died after being stabbed at the west end of Toronto on Thursday morning. They also identified the suspect.

Han Khan Nguyen, 41, was found to be suffering from serious stab wounds at his home in Mall Aven, near Jane St. W. She was declared dead in the place.

Officers also found Austin Le, 40, with stab wounds. He was taken to a hospital and expected to recover, police said.

Le is accused of second degree murder in Nguyen's death.

Nguyen and Le knew each other, Const. Carolyn de Clotte said in a telephone interview. The police will not disclose additional information about the suspect and the victim's relationship.

Police ask anyone with information to contact investigators at 416-808-7400 or anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

Stephanie Marotta is a reporter of the news that is working at Star Radio in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @StefanieMarotta

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