Friday , January 22 2021

Potential director of the Black Widow recalls that Marvel tells her "Do not worry" about the action scenes

When the "Black Widow" is one of the most beloved characters in Marvel Cinematic, Marvel Studio has taken care to meet a number of female directors before signing Cate Shortland to lead solo adventures of the spy. Argentine director Lucrecia Martel recently said she had previously met with Marvel for potential participation in the production but dismissed the possibility, partly because she said she would not be an active participant in the orchestration of the action scenes of the film.

"I received e-mail from Marvel for a meeting because they were looking for directors black WidowSo I went to [10th-anniversary] collection. I actually signed this thing where I can not talk about this collection. "Marvel and other such production houses are trying to involve more female directors," Martel says in October Pioneer, "They also said to me," Do not worry about the action scenes we will take care of. "I thought," Well, I'd like to meet Scarlett Johansson, but I would also like to make the sequence of actions. "

While this is an understandable disappointing experience for any director, telling him that he does not worry about the complex sequences of action, it seems to fit in line with the history of Marvel Studios. Anthony and Joe Rousseau, who headed massive glasses like Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endless War, previously focused primarily on directing TV series before joining the MCU. Similarly, Thor: Ragnarok Taekwathy's directorial direction focuses primarily on comedies before the performance of the performance.

It is possible that Marvel Studios explicitly tell Martel that he is forbidden to participate in action scenes, but that these comments may be aimed at alleviating fears arising from the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorchestrating complex visual effects and cascades.

Martel added, "The companies are interested in female directors, but they still think that the action scenes are for male directors." The first thing I asked them is maybe if they can change the special effects because there is so many laser lights … I find them terrible. Also the soundtrack of Marvel movies is pretty awful. Maybe we do not agree with that, but it's really hard to watch Marvel. Painful ears are to watch Marvel's movies.

Although the director turned this opportunity, she confirmed that Marvel's approach to the film would be to offer perspectives other than any other MCU movie.

"I believe another female director makes the film," the director notes. "What they told me at the meeting was:" We need a female director because we need someone who is most interested in developing the character of Scarlett Johansson. ""

Several official details about black Widow film have appeared, although it is likely to start shooting next summer.

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