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Practically imperfect in every way

Mary Popin is back is a bright and fun way with attractive music and a wonderful voice, but boring directing and a strange step make him feel too long.

Directed by: Rob Marshall
Summary: Decades after her initial visit, the magical nurse returns to help the brothers and brothers and children of Michael during a difficult time in her life.

Mary Popin is back is one of those strange movies that need to be reviewed because there is so much that it goes right that you almost want to ignore things that are not. Good will outweigh the bad for many people going to see this movie, but unfortunately I just can not ignore the bad here. The pursuit is a major problem and just makes the movie feel too long. You feel every second of two hours and ten minutes at work. The musical moments are wonderful to watch, but even they may feel a little tired at the time when two hours start rolling.

The songs should not look real, but the rest of London also does not look real. There is not a single second when this movie does not look like a set and is almost distracting. This problem is increased by some really strange decisions of the director Rob Marshall, Marshall is by no means an indifferent director, but his decisions when it comes to musicals are usually safe. In this case, cinematography and costume design make up for all the decisions Marshall does that are a little weird or just a little boring.

If the cinematography and costume design outweigh a lot, then acting makes everything else. Anyone who worries Emily Blount trying to fill the legendary shoes of Julie Andrews it should not be. Blount takes the character of Mary Poppins and makes her a woman who feels both new and well-known. Manners are there, but it is clear that someone is slightly different – much like the rest of the characters are a bit different than this one. Linu Manuñan Miranda continues to be one of the best human beings on the planet, and he elevates every scene he is in, which is a big part of them.

Unlike the original Mary Poppinswho was less villain, this time there is a certain villain. However, disclosing this villain will be a spoiler, even if the disclosure is incredibly obvious. This makes the strange final action almost like something in an action film, not by Mary Poppins. But this is not a deal to dissolve. In fact, nothing in this movie is a breaker in the deal, but that means that this production feels like it would be much better.

Mary Popin is back is a film with a few flaws, but for the fans of the original, Honor and Return Cherry Tree Lane may be enough to overlook them. For anyone who does not have a personal personal investment in the original, this is just a pretty good musical instrument with some excellent actors, costumes and cinema.

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