Thursday , July 29 2021

Predict who will live and who will die in the upcoming episode of Throne Game

I like what has happened over the past few weeks. I like that we have to wait between episodes of Game of Thrones, although we have waited so long, like over a year and a half, between seasons. Because it will probably not happen again, a show like this, this experience to all of us together, wondering what will happen, we all worry about the fate of our beloved and not so beloved (seeing you, Symbols.) When it's a show as great Game of Thrones, I feel it makes us appreciate it more. If we were able to catch all six last episodes at once, would we care so much? Or he will leave us quickly until he comes, a temporary mania is easily replaced.

Also, for me personally, the last episode, Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, was just as good, showing the best of what this series could do, I want time to try it. As I mentioned to Game of Thrones episode of Show your work a few weeks ago, "conversational conversation" Game of Thrones is what made me a fan. Many people get tough over the scale of the show, most often illustrated in action episodes, such as Hardhome and Battle of the Bastards, but for me, it does not mean sh-t without the talks between them, what the heroes say and do not say how they build tension in dialogue. So, while everyone was blue all week long for the fight at Winterfeel on Sunday, the clash between the living and the dead that the show has been directing for years to me, Season 8 Episode 3 may just be a Season 8 season Episode 4, when those who remain have to resolve the mess. When those who do not die need to understand how to live – and how to live together. As Washington tells Hamilton Hamilton, – Dying is easy, young man. Life is more difficult, (Duano must be so proud of me right now.)

So … who will live? Probably not many people in the crypt that happen as racist people from the North. HBO has released several new photos from the next episode yesterday, you can see them all here but this is my favorite:

Is she frightened or amused? Did Arya just tell her great sister that Gendrey had made a copy of her and gave her the copy? (I'm sorry! I had to do it!) I mean, I'll love it if it's the booked conversation that happens during the battle while they look down to death that this is the moment that Sansa finds out. Arya is no longer a virgin. It's not like we do not see this in war movies among dudes – small moments from humanity when it comes to humanity. That was the whole purpose of the last episode. I hope they stayed for this episode.

And of course, I hope Sansa and Arya will survive. Sansa in particular. Because she is my beloved. Because she has always been my favorite. And when Dannery told Tyrion that he must survive because of his consciousness, Stark also needed Sansa to survive for his mind. This scene between Sansa and Dannery in "The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" is probably in my 5 most popular scenes of all time. Game of Thrones. In this conversation Sansa demonstrates a skill that he has, which no one else could achieve: negotiations. And this is a process. Take a look at her reaction when Dannery explains with her who is manipulating her that she put her ambitions in pause to support John in the war against the dead. Sansa bows and offers an apology, regretting that he does not thank Danny the moment he arrives. – This was a mistake. Excellent leadership there. Good leaders recognize when they are wrong. But while good leaders recognize where necessary, they also hold firm when needed. "What happens next?" Sansa may regret that he has not shown Deenerise gratitude for her help in their survival battle, but survival means there is work that lives. And she's in Danny's face, negotiating the terms of "afterwards." After all, someone must. And, to tell you, John Snow is not smart enough.

So, who sticks to the REAL challenge – what is the confrontation between the living and the living? And whose journey ends in Winterfeld?

Tormund? Done. With Brien as he wants it. You may not want it, but there is nothing about it. She was the knight of Jaime, the most romantic act among the doomed lovers. Jaime will have to go on (for a little longer, but not forever), knowing he has wasted his love and loyalty to a woman who does not deserve it, and has not had enough time to love a woman who taught him the real sense of the word. from him.

See you later, Pod. Who else could obey?

And goodbye, Theon. He said goodbye. The rescue of his sister, Jara, closed this free end. His suggestion to protect Bran – and to die for him – is also closing there. And his emotional union with Sansa was a farewell blessing. The man who really knows everything he has suffered-and deserves-embraced him with forgiveness and acceptance. Nothing else needs Doon.

Agree or disagree? Tell me. Let's talk and unpack sh-t from this while we can while we wait and enjoy the wait. Let's not rush to know what's going on, because as soon as we know what's going on, that part of the fun will disappear.

Attached – Sophie Turner for lunch with Joe Jonas in Los Angeles the other day.

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