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Princess Diana gave Prince Charles an unusual gift for Christmas in 1985, and he really left it

He completely opposed …

The late Princess Diana was a very talented woman.

She also became known for her gift because she always thought she was out of the box.

In fact, it was revealed that one Christmas Diana arranged an unusual gift for Prince Charles and did not get well.

Princess Diana always loved classical ballet and most dance forms.

The documentary "Princess Diana: The Woman Inside" reveals that Princess Diana has daily lessons in Kensington.

Princess Diana

Diana loved so much dance, decided she would use it wisely.

One Christmas, the princess shares a special dance performance with Prince Charles as a Christmas present.

He was not very pleased with this …

The event was held in December 1985 on a private Christmas gala for the enthusiasts of the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

It was a three minute performance of Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" and was a choreography of ballet star Wayne Sun.

Princess Diana

"It was a gift that gently sighs," says the Royal Expert Richard Kay.

"She did it as a tribute to Charles." "Charles was not terribly impressed," he added.

– He thought he was going.

"It was incredibly courageous for her to go on stage at the English Ballet House in Covent Garden and deal with the great Wayne Sun."

She was a woman!

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