Friday , June 18 2021

Prior to Christ, the election to test the small part of the NDP, as the province focuses on Nanaimo

The slim state government of Prime Minister John Horman in British Columbia will be tested in the Vancouver election, where liberal victory will leave behind-the-bill legislation.

Nayimoto was a new Democratic stronghold, but the liberal victory would give the party 43 seats, linking it to the 43-party NDP and the Green Party that signed an agreement in 2017, allowing the new Democrats to form a minority government.

Through elections in B. often do not prefer seating governments, voters tend to stay at home, and results rarely have the potential to change the balance of power, but Nanaimo's election is out of the ordinary, says Professor David Black, a political communications expert at Victoria & 39; s Royal Roads University.

"That's the perfect choice," said Black. "You will never see more interesting, complex, complex and consistent … at the province level."

He said the election has all the components of the high-stakes political drama that includes solid local candidates, strong provincial problems and the potential result of a change in the game.

"That may be the best choice," said Black. "Just to add ice-cold to this multi-layer cake, you have the fact that this choice, unlike most, could be a consequence of the composition of the government and the fate of this particular NDP Green Union."

Six candidates are in the race: former Democrat New Democrat MP Sheila Malcolmson, Michele Nee of Green, Liberal Tony Harris, Conservative Justin Greenwood, Robin Richardson of the Vancouver Island Party and Libertarian Bill Drake.

The election was urged to replace Leonard Krogg, a member of the five-party PNR parliament, who resigned last year after being elected mayor of the city.

Nanaimo is kidnapped

Harris is a well-known local businessman, whose family has been in Nanaimo for six generations. He said he wants to focus on local health, education and economic issues instead of being involved in provincial numbers.

"This is the choice of Nanaimo and the time of Nanaimo," Harris said. "I feel that everyone has to talk about ideas, solutions that meet the needs of our community, and instead, these elections see that Nanaimo is kidnapped for this provincial cause and I do not like it."

Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson said voters have the opportunity to pronounce on the NRP.

"I will be very interested to hear from the people of Nanaimo and their concerns," says Wilkinson, who spends the days before the city's election campaign.

"Providing people"

Horgan said the NAP is in Nanaimo by telling voters about their initiatives for childcare, healthcare, education and housing since it formed a government after the 2017 elections.

"We are doing our best to make our case to the people of Nanaimo that the moment we have had a government we have delivered to people and the community," he said.

"I believe the continuation of our government is in the interest of the community."

Malcolmson says he leaves a bigger picture of NDP officials' political strategies while she spends her time fucking and hears the voters who say the former liberal government has done little to tackle homelessness and high housing costs in Nanaimo .

Strong territory of the NDP

Hey, the daughter of former long-time Mayor of Nanaimo Frank Ney, said he told voters he had a vision to make Nanaimo the leader in pure economic development.

The election of Fourth Green in B. Legislative power will give voters greater power than the election of Harris or Malcolmson, who will play minor roles for their parties, she says.

If the liberals win, it is likely to lead to early elections with the liberals, forcing parliament to trust in every opportunity, Black said. Nayimo is a strong territory of the NDP, but the election victory is not certain, he added.

"But if you had a choice to decide the fate of your government from the point of view of the NDP, you will want it at Nanaimo," said Black. – They have lost only twice in the last 50 years.

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