Monday , June 21 2021

Prior to Christ, the government promised action in relation to ticket scalpels, payment of loans in the speech of the throne

Promises to make housing, loans and even mobile phone plans more accessible to everyday life British Columbians are among the highlights of this year's throne speech.

Lieutenant-right. Janet Austin kicked off the spring session of the legislature on Tuesday afternoon, defining Minority Government priorities for 2019, promising action on affordable housing and childcare, and the first poverty reduction strategy of the BC.

The speech also includes promises of tighter consumer protection, such as better supervision of lending practices, new rules for selling concert tickets and greater transparency in mobile phone billing.

"Accessibility remains the biggest challenge for BC families. Many people work in two or three jobs, travel far to work, and spend less time with their families just to connect the two ends. forward, "said Austin.

The province promises to accelerate the process of issuing development permits so that affordable housing can be built faster and take into account the recommendations of the housing group.

"Too many families face the impossible choice between a home that meets their needs, paying for childcare or buying food for their family," said Austin.

The statement said the province will begin this year's process to develop legislation to ensure universal, affordable childcare.

Action on scalpels, unfair bills for payment

Some of the consumer protection measures in speech include limiting the fees for cashing up government checks, banning software that allows scalpers to buy a large number of tickets for concerts and events, as well as a legislative review of billing practices for mobile phone plans .

The solemn throne ceremony on Tuesday was reduced due to the winter time in Victoria. (CANADA PRESS / Chad Hippolytus)

As for the controversial issue of money laundering in BK's casinos and real estate, the government promises to close loopholes and take responsibility for criminals.

"The British are rightly outraged by the possibility that unacceptably high house prices in our province could be fueled by the profits of crime both in the country and abroad," says Austin.

The speech also includes a promise that B. will be the first province in Canada to introduce legislation implementing the UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples' Rights and promise to continue to address the growing losses of ICBC.

Public confidence "shakes"

The lieutenant's governor's address ended with a cost scandal that was currently being deployed in the legislature, where the fired civil servant and the sergeant were accused of grossly abusing public funds.

Austin said that the power of the legislator was built on the basis of public trust, but "this confidence was recently shaken." The government is committed to implementing reforms that will help restore public faith.

In a press release, Prime Minister John Horgan said the province's initiatives have already put more money into people's pockets by freezing ferry prices on major routes and phasing out MSF premiums alongside other measures.

"We are on our way to better healthcare for patients, quality care for the elderly, better schools for our children, more opportunities for young people and good jobs with good salaries in every region," said Horgan.

The ceremony on Tuesday had to be reduced due to the snowstorm.

The usual military honor guard, the ceremonial cannon soaps, and the performance of the group from the nearby Canadian Esquimalt base will not be for the sake of time.

Austin noted the time she attended the parliament Tuesday morning to officially end the final session before the throne.

"It is great to see you here in this crazy, snowy, but really beautiful day," she told the members of parliament.

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