Saturday , May 8 2021

Quebec environmentalists launch climate change lawsuit against Ottawa

MONTREAL – A group of young Quebecers is going to court claiming their fundamental rights have been violated as a result of federal government inaction on climate change.

The group Environnement Jeunesse announced today that it is seeking authorization of a class action lawsuit against Ottawa on behalf of all Quebecers aged 35 and under.

The people behind the action say their generation will suffer the worst effects of climate change, depriving them of their right to a healthy environment.

A lawyer for the group says the Canadian government's behavior violates the rights protected by provincial and federal charters of rights.

They will seek $ 100 per person and ask that instead of individual cheques, the total go towards funding measures to slow down climate change.

The filing in Quebec Superior Court is the first step in proceedings that could take several years.

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