Monday , June 21 2021

Randy Orton wins a gaittal, is a finalist in the match for the title of the Elimination Chamber

Randy Orton will be the last player to play for the WWE title in the Elimination Hall. He won the right after a giant 60-minute game, played during SmackDown.

The match of the glove began with Daniel Brian, who took over the newly-accepted Kofi Kingston. The two had feedback that lasted more than 20 minutes with Kingston, who won the edge several times, thanks to some high flying acrobatics. However, Brian managed to methodically break his enemy's body over time through precision and devastating obedience. Eventually he locked in LeBlock Lock and almost managed to win, but Kingston managed to catch the ropes. Brian would get an unfair advantage after Rowan intervened without the knowledge of the referees, and the rest of the New Day would be thrown out after revenge. This led to another Rowan attack, which was actually thrown out. Finally, the game ended when Kingston struck "Problem in Paradise" and collided with her.

There was no one but Jeff Hardy. Hardy tried to win quickly with a shuttle bomb, but Kingston stepped back. They traded for a few minutes while Kingston won with SOS. Then came Samoa Joe. Kingston takes a little punishment and even kicks out of huge space. It ends in an incredible sequence in which Samoa Joe received Kingston in a coconut clutch that was opposed after Kingston bounced off the corner to turn it into a pin.

Joe was incredibly upset by the score and began to beat Kingston after the match, while the next contestant, AJ Styles, broke him. It seemed that the fresh styles were too much for Kingston, but the New Day member continued to struggle. Kingston's end finally came after a cow's crusher, it lasted more than 60 minutes.

The last participant was Randy Orton, who quickly hit RKO's Styles surprise and won the match.

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