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Raptors send an unforgettable message by breaking warriors

OAKLAND, California – They were worth the money. The Bay Area is a long way to travel, so you can also get the full experience of Golden State Warriors.

This was the last regular visit of Raptors to a place in his last season and was seen by endless nightmares for Toronto, which have not been successful since 2004.

During the pre-game, in the midst of the Oracle Arena lovin noise, the chief audience spokesman said Golden State would seek revenge on the Toronto winners last month when the Warriors played without Stephan Craig and Draymond Green.

But they were healthy on Wednesday, making matches between the leading NBA rappers and the two-time Warriors champion as good as it would even if Toronto played the second night of the back and without Kawhi Leonard, who was sitting for the second consecutive match rounded right hand.

On paper, it only made sense that the raptors would be easy to land with the whole world watching ESPN.

Not so fast.

In a contest that proves that sports betting is a terrible idea, fast-paced Raptors have tired the most-dominating team in the regular season in the NBA, 113-93. They held the warriors in only six threes, and the mighty Kerry – just 10 points, while Kyle Lowrey led the raptors with 23 points and 12 assists, all five starters struck with double figures.

It is possible to expect many results.

The warriors who break the raptors? Sure. All the excuses in the world were available, some of them even reasons.

Raptors struggled to the end, but failed? This may be my bet.

But Toronto was practicing wire mesh, never giving the warriors a crack in daylight and sending dozens of manic fans up the paths to beat the traffic before the fourth quarter to be half as high?

The Triumphal Singing "Let's Go to the Raptors," which reflects over the fast-pacing arena, as the horn sounded like?

No. Impossible.

But Raptors made it 11-0 to start the fourth quarter to build their first 36 minutes of flawless work and to make 26 points with 8:48 to play. The fighters waved the white flag for another five minutes after senior coach Steve Cage pulled out his starters. It was only 24th Warriors' loss since they started their championship five years ago – against 123 wins. Unbelievable.

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The victory improved Toronto's record to 23-7 – franchise – best in 30 games – and strengthened its status of the best NBA history this season. The fact that the club improved to 7-1 without Leonard and 2-0 against the Warriors (19-10), who entered the game as the best of the northern conference, is a sauce. What else? The rapper is now 2-0 of what was rightly designed as a monster on the west swing as they enjoyed Thursday before playing in Portland on Friday night.

Expecting their victory against Los Angeles Clippers, who were second in the West when the raptors captured them the night before, it is almost undoubtedly the most impressive franchise in history.

"I love the Oracle, I love the fans here, I love the building," said Laurie, "I think they will move to a new building next year, so this will be a missed place, but that's a special one." "This is a great building. They have made special things here, but it's just a great building … we've lost 13 in a row, I guess, as an organization … I suppose they have to start a new series, what else can I say?

The Raptors led with 57-41 in half by searching the warriors like the wizard as the lady in a box when they came to 13th place in the Golden State after the first quarter – the biggest hole that the warriors have started playing at home this season. Then they behave with the second unit as the Rappers' coach chief Nick Sister chose to tighten a little rotation by giving Laurie and Siamam a longer stay while fighting a second unit. The Raptors scored their lead on the 18th on the Ibaka flop with one minute to play and entered half in full control as far as possible against the NBA's most explosive assault. They did it in the first half, keeping them at 38.6% shooting, and only three common threes, shadow of the upcoming.

The warriors did not wear their game "A" and raptors were punishing them.

"They have little of everything – athletic wings and big ones that can shoot threes and put the ball on the floor," said Kerry. "We know Kyle Lawuri is a great player … this evening was obviously the best team and everyone seemed to trust and played each other very well and we just did not have it."

The only cloud was an unpleasant looking injury to Jonas Valencius, who altered his right thumb as the Green pushed the ball while the big Lithuanian gathered him in the paint. Valianus was in agony, and the repetitions showed his thumb in a terrible corner. There was no foul play, though there were ones in the Raptors camp, who believed that it was a reckless yearning for Greene. It will probably cost Valanciunas considerable time – shame as he effectively finishes the war against the warriors, just as he had been throughout the season. But the depth of the raptors is something else, and they are able to get good minutes from the few Greg Monroe used and will be able to count on it if Valanciunas goes out for a long period of time.

Half the raptors continued to push. Even when the warriors tried to borrow for a quarter-quarter, Fred Van Wolt slipped in to steal Kevin Durant and grabbed the stacking hole by tapping the inertia of the hosts with a handful of sharps that helped raptors maintain a robust 15-point pillow with 12 minutes to play.

But that's what raptors did, did not they? Is it possible to throw the kings of your home yard?

Prior to the race, it was worth asking ourselves how raptors would run the Golden State with their full list (less Andre Iguodalla, with his own injury), namely Kerry, who returned to the game after the soldiers' visit to Toronto quickly resumed the lights of the league as it once had.

With 17 matches, Kerry achieved the best of the NBA – 30.1 points, while shooting illegally at 50 percent of the three. Only six players ever shot better than 50% of the depth since the line was introduced in 1979 while making at least one game and three times happened in the mid-1990s when the line was shortened to 22 feet and nine inches. No one has ever done it until it even averaged three attempts a game.

Can he be the first three-point high-volume shooter to make half of his attempts?

"Definitely [someone can shoot 50 per cent from three], but you would expect it to be from a person who just stays there and will be wide open and shoot three of them. There are a couple of guys who have done that before, "said Kerr, NBA leader of all time with three-point accuracy and laughs at himself." As for flying around like Steff, shooting the dildo and shooting the trio he is doing, and the shooting of half a court at the end of the neighborhoods, it's almost impossible to do that through the year, but I do not put anything on Stef's side, that's for sure.

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But Kerry had never had a chance because he had to break the 2-on-8 nights and had only 12 shots total for a striking 10 points. Van Wave went into his shirt, and Danny Green was chasing him around and even making him work at the post sometimes. Clay Thompson (14 points for 17 shots) was also a rumor. This was the elite defense of the team against the best offensive weapons of the game.

"We just tried to make them uncomfortable," Van Walt said. "They are one of the best teams in the league, for reasons and insults [is as well], so we tried to pick up our main people and make them do things they are not comfortable doing, trying to play on their tendencies and taking things away and thinking that we have done a good job following the game plan.

"Obviously, a lot of this is related to their missing pictures sometimes, they missed some open ones they usually do, but you will hope that the aggression and destruction we tried to play at the defensive end [paid off]. "

It was part of the recipe for one of the most amazing games that raptors ever played at the Oracle Arena in the last season that soldiers will play here before stumbling for more brilliant excavations in San Francisco.

They closed Curry. They closed everyone. They sent a message that could hardly be ignored and would not be forgotten.

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