Monday , January 25 2021

Reagan strangely ("The Voice"): Adam Levin has killed his chances?

Reagan Strange sings "You Are the Reason" live at The Voice on Monday. While he was doing it Calum Scott the song is good, maybe it's not enough to get her to enter the final. She suffers from reactions from the fans of De André Nico, another of Adam LevinThose who left the show last week.

Both Strange and Scott were at the bottom of the three ballots (along with Dave Fenly by the team Blake Shelton). Generally, all three will once again fulfill America's voices in order to gain immediate savings. But Reagan was too sick to sing. Adam came to save her and threw DeAndre under the bus, asking the audience to get together instead of Reagan. His plan worked that night, but since then he has recovered, as DeAndre's late support has increased.

Reagan tried to cancel the disputes over the weekend by turning to Twitter. "I am grateful to the eagles that my fans gave me to sing again, I love you all, even those who do not want to be loved." She then admitted, "I do not expect some people to understand, they were not there.

Was the public appearance combined with her performance on Monday enough to win the audiences who were angry about the way she did the Top 8? Our reporter live Denton Davidson said, "this lesser known song allows Reagan to shine as if it is her own, it has a wonderful melody and it sounds beautiful, it's Reagan we met in the first half of the season, not vocal perfection but narrated through pure It will not be surprising if she just got out of this hole last week and secured a place in the final.

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