Thursday , June 24 2021

Recognition of "Celebrity Big Brother": [Spoiler] He wins in Season 2

I feel only three weeks ago Big Brother had started his second celebrity season – because, well it was,

The second season of the CBS reality show ended in blinking and running on Wednesday evening, and only five guests remained to compete for the title: Dina Lohan, Kandy Bruce, Lolo Jones, Ricky Williams and Tamar Braxton, (Recognition: This quintet can not be further than the one I predicted at the beginning of the season.)

But before the nine-member jury was able to win, there was still a lot of play to play during the two-hour final on Wednesday, including three more exiles. Let's end the highlights from Big BrotherSeason:

* Ricky won the first night of the household: a Big Brother Stacks in which players had to complete a magnetic puzzle while constantly swaying back to the other end of the backyard to restart their 20-second timers. Nominates Candy and Dina, and after Lolo We killed the last veto race of the season, she chose not to use her power and held the two ladies on the block.

* Just in case you want another kind of Anthony Scaramucci (for some reason), Fly briefly sat down with Julie Chen to discuss this twist when it was not really Season 2 – host. Obviously the most difficult part of his stay in BB the house was not in a situation of "bad karma," which made little sense in context from of the context. (Oh, and he thinks Trump will be re-elected in 2020)

Kandi's demise against Dina led to a 1-1 draw, which Ricky broke by instantly sending Kandi through the door. And his reign over the house did not stop there! Ricky also won next He was the head of domestic competition, and for a moment later he had to drive away two of the other ladies.

To a great extent the studio audience's surprise, Ricky chose to take Tamara to the final pair with him, also removing Dina and very bad Lolo. – Fifty thousand dollars after being second [place] "after tax and his agent's charge, that's really not much," Lollo shrugged Julie's shoulders, suggesting that Ricky's decision to take Tamar did cost him the whole game. Hu boy, these grapes are sour,

Ricky and Tamar made their final petitions to the jury, and I was so so sad that no one could come in and tell Tamar that she had a lipstick on her teeth. Curse you, live TV!

Then it was finally to reveal the season champion (and recipient of $ 250,000). The winner of Season 2 is … Tamar Braxton! By unanimous vote! Fun Facts: Tamar is only the second racer Big Brother a story that spans the voices after the 10th season of winner Dan Geysling. As for America's beloved pet? This $ 25,000 honor went to Tom Greene.

I'm giving it to you. Are you rooting for Tamar? If not, who wants to see victory? Put all your final thoughts in a comment below!

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