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Redblacks hit hard on the first day of the CFL free agency

With all due respect to Brad Synopoli, Ottawa Redbike has lost the four best players in his offense during the Canadian free football agency's free time on Tuesday.

Three of them were kidnapped by the one-man Eskimos, whose general manager Brock Sunderland and chief coach Jason Maas were Ottawa's assistant (2013-2016) and offensive coordinator (2015) before heading west.

The good news?

After removing bloodshed, Redblacks GM Marcel Dejardines has about $ 1 million extra money to spend. players' association.

Quarterback Trevor Harris leaves Redblacks after receiving a $ 1.1 million two-year bid from the Eskimos.

Greg Sautum Greg Sautum /

Greg Sautum /

Asked during a conference call with local media, if he had an ace in his sleeve, Dheshardin laughed.

"The ace of our sleeve is that we have proven that we can put a winning team on the pitch," said Dejardines, whose Redblacks have been in three of the last four games of the Gray Cup. "Our point of view about this does not change."

But, no, there is nothing to imply in signing the big player, he added.

"With some of the numbers that some of the players are doing right now … I'm not just myself," Dejardin said. "We think some of the numbers do not match what we want to do, and that's our ability to solve this."

Decisions taken either by the team or by the player, were behind the departure of Defender No. 1 Trevor Harris, star steward Greg Ellison, and the start of Sir Virginia Rogers' left stop to the Eskimos. William Powell, CFL's second leading champion in each of the last two seasons, signed a deal with Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Redblacks actually disappeared from nothing on the first day of the market, but again signed the 31-year-old running Mossis Madu Jr.

William Powell: Go to Saskatchewan with Raffords.

Tony Caldwell /


Everyone from Harris, Ellison, Rogers and Powell is 30, but Dejardin said age is not a factor.

"Some have chosen not to return for any reason … personal, whatever," said Dejardin, "and there are some players we chose not to come back to. There are some players who, financially, we just are not felt that what was wanted was reasonable within the way we wanted to build our list. "

The biggest hole to fill is Harris, who made $ 425,000 last season and jumped to the Eskimos for a two-year deal that reportedly would pay him $ 1.1 million.

"This is only the function of finance from it," Dejardin said. – And the time for it too. At the end of the day it did not work and that's fine. It is where he wants to be, and we are pleased that Dominique Davis is our quarterback.

Greg Ellison: Go to Edmonton with the Eskimos.

Jason Frankson /


Redblacks lose a favorite fanatic in Ellingson, who has captured the legendary "second and 25" pass from Henry Burris, which covers 93 yards and places the team in their first Gray Cup.

Ellingson, also favorite of Harris, had four consecutive 1000 yards with Ottawa. With his last contract, he also reported a salary of $ 210,000, and it is certain he did not seek a pay cut this time.

Rogers handed over the reasons for leaving Twitter. There was something that obviously still felt like a member of the coaching team, who suggested that Alex Matees, not Rogers, should be the team-nominee for the most prominent mentor in 2018.

"I went on because I felt it was best to do it," Rodgers said. – I did not like the structure of the second year since Ottawa's last proposal for me. Respect is all about me, and I felt she was extinguished in Ottawa. With the failure of MOL, as well as with the treatment of other veterinarians, I just saw the writing on the wall. They will do without me and this attack line is in good hands, with (assault coach John McDonnell) and all the loaded talent on it. I love each of these guys. "

SirVincent Rogers: joins Ellison and Harris in Edmonton with the Eskimos.

David Bloom /


There will be anger that Redblack's fans have lost four big pieces of his crime, plus a fifth star with Diontae Spencer, who sticks to Pittsburgh Steelers from the National Football League a few weeks ago. But Otava's power was his defense last season. The crime finally ended in the hurrying courts, last time in a fast TD, declined from the second highest number of sacks and finished fifth in the points.

Change is not necessarily a bad thing.

"I do not know if it's a word of restoration," Dejardin said of the crime of the team. – It will be different. This is the bottom line. It will be a bit different. Different boys will come forward and will be big playmakers for Redblacks. This is good.

– Do we want continuity? Yes, but at what price, right? This is part of the challenge. "

The expression of faith in the decisions taken by Desjardins was Mark Guddy, president and chief executive officer of Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group.

"OzG loves brave people with independent thought," says Goody. "We believe in our GM & Coaches, with a good cause, given their experience.

"Your red black bags have always spent the salary on the CFL ceiling, building a team … they just differed a bit differently from some others. Bring the year 2019. "

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For Edmonton

QB Trevor Harris

Age: 32

Years with Ottawa: Three

Career numbers: 72 GP, 1512 additions, 2149 attempts, 18,155 meters, 104 TD, 46 interceptions

OT SirVincent Rogers

Age: 32

Years with Ottawa: Four

Achievements: 3 Star Divisions, 2 Star Stars, 1 Most Outstanding Performer in CFL (2015)

Greg Ellison

Age: 30 years

Years with Ottawa: Four

Career numbers: 91 GP, 416 catches, 6,095 yards, 36 TDs, 14.7 yards of catch

About Saskatchewan

William Powell

Age: 30 years

Years with Ottawa: Three

Career Numbers: 35 GP, 500 Wears, 2,835 Yards, 13 TD, 5.7 Yards


RB Mossis Madu Jr.

Age: 31 years old

Years with Ottawa: Three

Career numbers: 30 GP, 263 wears, 1,259 yards, 8 TDS, 4,8 yards of wear.

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