Sunday , January 24 2021

Reggie: Third Party Gaps in Game Sharing Library Related to System Discovery Time

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The switch may be a relatively new system, but Nintendo's hardware again seems to have been avoided by a significant part of the video game industry, which has led to a number of developers and publishers who do not even recognize the hybrid platform.

After the 2018 awards, IGN attracted Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, to ask why there are so many gaps in Switch's third party. According to the man himself, everything is wrong with the time and the fact that people seem to forget that Switch is not yet two years old. Most of these flaws are because the development of certain titles is already in progress before Switch even to be released:

"The way this industry works, the game has been developing for many years, people forget that Switch is experiencing its second holiday as many of the many games that are being launched were under development before talking to these developers about Nintendo Switch. "

Reggie continued to explain how the switch is gaining momentum with simultaneous starts Mortal Kombat 11 and Race with crashesHe also said that Nintendo has already proven itself as a developer and publisher with a growing installation base:

"Now that we've been on the market for two years, now that we've shown the pace of developing the installing base and doing it world-wide, that's the other piece that makes sense to developers." "Our strength in North and South America, our strength in Asia, our strength in Europe is critical, enabling developers to make sure their content is available to Switch as soon as possible."

Do you agree with Reggie? Is everything about the release of the switches when it first begins production of some titles from third parties? Do you think this is the main reason why certain third-party games jump over the switch? Tell us below.

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