Sunday , September 25 2022

Renee Dupree goes to John Price Rant, asks WWE If they are "Butthurt"


Rene Dupre did not enjoy the last section of John Son of SmackDown Live last week. He is discussing it on his new YouTube Week series "Cafe De Rene Raw".

"I accidentally saw a clip from this week on SmackDown with my beloved and yours, John the Sons," said Dupree. "He was in the ring with McMahon talking about the era of merciless aggression, my age. Saying how filled with obscene and rejected.

Obviously Dupree was not a fan of this segment. He continued: "Well, super, price, let me explain something to you. In the last four or five years, your people have appeared on my shows, they signed up and there was even a shower that called my house half a dozen times. Are you dead that I actually have life? That I'm really busy without you? That I can do without WWF? "

Dupree continued to interpolate the lyrics of Wheeler Walker Jr., "Pussy King." Dupri would have talked about being romantically linked to "two Canadians who are currently walking around the scene of your shows."

Below you can watch the full strange tirade:

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