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Replace Stan Lee's acting with Deadpool? That's a bad idea


No one except Stan Lee can send a package to Tony STANK.

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When Stan Lee died this week at the age of 95, many fans were very fond of Marvel Comics legend and his friend cameos in Marvel films. (Lee as an introduction to FedEx shouting for "Tony STANK" might forever be my favorite.)

Soon, the conversation turned to what was left to be enjoyed by Lee moviegoers in future films. (Here is some of which must be considered.)

But in a world where we can't leave anything alone, there are also rumors of having someone else, maybe Deadpool, replace Lee to make the upcoming MCU cameos.

Marvel hasn't said anything about this. This is all fan talk. But just in case it goes up further, let's be clear: the idea is just as terrible as swiping the parking lot from the Hulk.

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Every Stan Lee Marvel movie cameo


One of Reddit's contributors started the idea well, suggesting Deadpool, the Mercenary that was played by Ryan Reynolds, appearing as a substitute for Lee. And other fans turned the idea around, saying Deadpool had to wear Lee's iconic sunglasses, along with a gray wig and mustache. To steal one line from Deadpool himself: "You're funny. You don't joke? I feel a clown." And to steal other lines, famous characters with dirty mouth might say at some point, "No, @ #!%! ^ # Way."

This is a fun idea, but it's a pleasant idea to maybe an editorial cartoon, to go along with what shows Lee reaching St. Peter at the Gate of Heaven uses Spider-Man's spider web, or costumed superheroes all standing around Lee's coffin.

Lee's acting, just like Alfred Hitchcock before him, are small moments in a complex cinematic universe. When exchanging it this week, I was surprised by how short some of them were. Some, like Tony Stank's delivery, are a little longer, but sometimes he really only faces in the crowd, background characters who are rewarded with careful eyes of fans.

After Deadpool appeared in Stan Lee's search will attract viewers out of the universe of carefully made films. Deadpool in a wig can never be a man at a gambling table or a man on the street. He is always a reminder that Lee used to do this cameos, and now he is gone, and this is the way to remember it.

Anyone who knows Lee's contribution to the world might be a little sad, or at least a little nostalgic. Anyone who doesn't know will be confused: Why does this mouth character suddenly appear, say Wakanda, stand there with a gray wig and sunglasses?

It's not like acting like that would be intended in bad taste, it's just that they are part of Lee, and Lee himself. Not everything can or must be remade and rework without stopping. With great strength, a big responsibility is not to go back and mess things up.

Sometimes, the concept of entertainment, whether a character or storyline or cameo, must be put to rest with those who have it. From the similar FedEx driver to Larry King, Lee brought his cameos with the only irreplaceable advantage like him. He is a Marvel actor who cannot be overhauled.

Nuff said.

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