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Report: Megan Markel's second assistant to surrender the rumors, swirling for the "duchess's tough"

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Does Megan Marcell win her reputation, it's so hard to cope with her personal assistants fleeing?

This is the report coming from Sunday Times, who claims that the Duchess of Sussex will soon lose her personal assistant, Samantha Cohen, who was recently temporarily transferred when her former assistant Melissa Tuabi withdrew at the end of November.

Tubati's departure was recognized by what Daily Mail characterized by an "unusual move" from a source who pays tribute to her. "Melissa is an extremely talented person," says the source. "She played a central role in the success of the Royal Wedding and would be missed by everyone in the Royal House."

: Meccan Markel's personal assistant resigned – "It's a real blow," says source

According to times, the departure of the 50-year-old royal assistant, called Samantha Panther, ranks among the "rumors" between the rumors between Marcel and her last-married Kate Middleton.

Born in Australia Cohen, notes times, "She spent 17 years working for the royal family, and previously she was the Queen's most trusted assistant secretary and secretary of communications, joining Sussex's household on a temporary basis earlier this year. "

The reports show that Markle – dubbed "Duchess Difficult" by times – he hoped Cohen would stay. "but it is believed that Cohen is less excited. "Cohen will probably stay until the birth of the couple's baby.

"Sam will be a huge loss," says a source. "Going forward, Megan may need someone cut off by a slightly different cloth than traditional courtiers who are not a career civil servant or a royal inner man."

Kelseyton Jackson faces rumors about Megan Markell-Kate Middleton Fed, saying the supposed argument "Never Happened"

While British tabloids reported rumors of unrest between Prince Harry's and William's wives, a Kensington spokeswoman said reports that Middleton was "furious" when Marcel "praised" members of her staff, the spokesman said, "it's never it happened. "

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