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Report: New Jersey Devils ends up with Newhellies

"New Jersey Devils" end their partnership with their colleague from NWHL – Metropolitan Riveters, according to Hailey Salvian from Athletics and Emily Kaplan from ESPN.

Devils joined forces with Riveters in October 2017, the first NHL-NWHL partnership of its kind.

According to Kaplan, Devils will continue to support women's hockey, but will shift their attention to "local initiatives that positively influence women's hockey in our area."

Just a week ago, Buffalo Sabri's owner Kim Pegula said he was giving up Buffalo Beatz, one of five league teams.

The landscape of female hockey is currently undergoing dramatic changes. CWHL officially closed its doors on May 1, leaving NWHL in the US as a professional women's hockey league. Earlier this month, more than 200 of the world's best female hockey players joined forces and announced their collective decision "not to play in professional leagues in North America this season until we get the resources that professional hockey requirements deserve"

NHL's position, according to Commissioner Gary Bettman, is that the league will not intervene in any of the existing women's leagues.

"What we have said is that if there is no chance for women to play professional hockey, then we will investigate what would make sense or would be appropriate," said Bethmann during his appearance at Prime Time Sports in April shortly after CWHL he announced it. will be folding. "But in the same way I did not want to be conceited or even rude to say we will start the league and release them from the business. I do not think that is appropriate. "

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