Friday , May 7 2021

"Repressions 3" promise not to have microtransfers

Microtransfers in the games are nothing new, but in recent years they have become a more profitable model. Therefore, accountable means of voluntarily using extra cash in real time have become something that many consider unbearable and something that has become almost forced. Many publishers and developers are aware of this, so when the expected game does not include this extra option, they want to be clear and that's exactly what the team behind Repression 3 does.

– We do not commit to that [any post-launch plans] right now we are still experimenting with what is best to do, "said in an interview with Microsoft Central Joseph." We look at what people feel fun, change balance, and so on. We also look at long-hooks. We know we did not want to go with microtransfers. We do not go with the concept of looted crates. There will be things you can unlock, more and more enjoyable things. Whether they are based on rank or the number of matches, we sincerely play with him. We've done hundreds of things to unlock. We can take it in many places. "

The topic of microtransfer in games has become disappointing when it was revealed that EA deliberately manipulated Star Wars: Battle first online experience to "force" players to feel like they have to rely on purchased lover and progression. Since then, mass responses have prompted EA and DICE to rethink the way the game is set – completely removing the pay-to-win model and returning to a more volunteer feature.

With so much hype around Repression 3 after many delays and rumors of cancellation, it is reassuring to see the team being so adventurous with what the game will offer. Moreover, they have revealed another interesting multiplayer experience with the "Wrecking Zone".

Repression 3 will come to Xbox One and Windows 10 15 February 2019! For more about the long awaited new game in targeting franchise:

  • Play with up to four friends over Xbox Live to pull out a violent criminal empire and use the city as a weapon against your enemies.
  • They entice vengeful criminal masters from their fortresses by hurling their street soldiers, attacking criminal operations, and pulling out a high-value gang leader.
  • Join up to 10 online agents to rip your piece by piece into a 100% devastating multiplayer arena available with the purchase of targeting 3.

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