Tuesday , June 15 2021

Riderson's Student Union is under pressure to explain the "shy" credit card account of $ 250,000

The leaders of the Student Union of Ryerson have been given one week to explain about $ 250,000 in credit card costs, which involves multiple dubious spending.

The fees and filming of credit card statements were first reported by the University of California Student Journal.

The credit card statement addressed to the President of the Gamers Students Union includes purchases at LCBO locations, shisha lounge, and credit risk company in Stratford, Ont.

"The whole thing is just unbelievably sad," said student group director McLane DeWever, who claimed to have seen the credit card bill after months in which the union failed to reveal its financial statements.

CBC Toronto has not seen the statement.

Costs are said to be in May 2018, when Ganesh began his term as president.

Ganesh and Vice President Salon Gosal soon took the student credit card and started using it themselves, according to a report by The Eyeopener.

On the left, Raneem Aloki, Sherina Harris and Emma Sandri first reported the irregularities related to the cost of Student Rear Journal, The Eyeopener. (SBU)

"Leaders should not be able to have their own credit card, all purchases must be approved," said Sherina Harris.

The financial statements must be agreed by 1 February, according to a deadline set by the financial controller of the Union. Ganesh agreed on the date at a meeting on Thursday evening.

"We will meet our deadline of February 1 to pass on our reconciliation to give students a more complete picture of the current financial situation," he said, according to The Eyeopen report.

Ganesh and members of the student union leadership did not respond to calls or emails from CBC Toronto.

The Union spends money at LCBO, Casino Rama

While credit card purchases have not been proven to be illegal, union members and school reporters say there are a number of developments related to development since the current leadership group took office.

Ganesh fired the former general manager of the union, The Eyeopener reported, allowing Gosal to take control of the credit card bill.

The Union continued using the LCBO shopping card and Casino Rama restaurant in Orillia, Ont., Which appeared at the show just days after the board held a private meeting in the city.

"These are things like the one that made us wonder whether these purchases are going to the students or are they just the board members?" Harris asked.

Photos from the credit card statement received from The Eyeopener show multiple LCBO purchases. (Bishop)

DeWever said he also began to wonder about possible violations after the student union failed to publish its quarterly financial statements at the end of 2018.

The current mandate of the executive is obscured by "a slow continuation of pieces that do not combine together," he said.

– Since then, many things have not collided.

"Many red flags"

Rodney Diversus, who was chairman of the Student Union in 2013, said charges of spending were a serious concern about transparency and integrity.

"The ability of the management to spend over $ 200,000 in discretionary means is terrible, it's confusing," said Diverlu to CBC Toronto.

During his term as president, Diversus said the alliance has a $ 2,000 discretionary spending limit, and all other purchases have to be approved by multiple executives. Student Union rarely uses a credit card for purchases, according to Diverlus.

Rodney Diverlus was president of the Riverson Students Union in 2013. He said the charges were "terrifying" and "confusing". (University of Rear)

A $ 250,000 credit card raises "many red flags," he said.

Diverlus explained that the multi-millionth budget of the Union includes personnel, events and supplies. He said the costs should be included in the detailed public reports that the current trade union managers have not yet provided.

"I think students should demand a more detailed breakdown from the leadership of the student union, and the leaders of the student union must feel compelled to do that," Diverlu said.

He also calls on the union to perform an external audit of its finances to determine whether the money is being spent or written off.

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