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Rising gas prices in the minds of many Canadians are heading for a long weekend

As Canadians head for the first unofficial long weekend of the summer, some passengers and tourists go out of the gas price.

On Friday, the Angus Reed Institute publishes the results of its latest study, according to which more than 40% of Canadians said the rise in gas prices has made it more difficult to provide basic domestic needs. It jumps to 86% among those who struggle to afford gas, the study notes.

Research results show that nearly 70% of drivers have noticed a "big increase" in the pumps.

In the 1990s, 90% of drivers reported a "big increase" in prices, compared with 46% in Alberta, who said they saw a "big increase".

Prior to Christ, residents paid the most for pumps, with the average cost of gas for the province at 1.58 cents per liter, compared to a national average of 1.26 dollars per liter, according to the Canadian automobile association.

The average gasoline price of the main Canadian markets last week was about $ 1.34 per liter but ranged from about $ 1.23 in Calgary and Winnipeg to the highest value of $ 1.70 or more in Vancouver.

"Vancouver is certainly (historical), but the other major markets we look at, such as Calgary, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, do not exceed historical levels, they are basically historical levels," Michael Erwin, Senior Vice President, Kent Group Ltd, said earlier this week.

In Ontario, the average gas price in the province moves at levels of $ 1.27 per liter, and those living in the area of ​​Big Toronto can expect another increase on Friday, according to Dan McTeague at GasBuddy.com. The analyst suggests that the success of the US markets and geopolitical concerns in the Persian Gulf is the reason for the latest leap in fuel prices.

"As we know, Iran has blocked its oil from the United States, the sanctions are affecting," McTeague told CTV News Toronto. "Iran is not happy with this, and earlier this week there were cases in which many speculators worried."

McEyeg also noted that the US economy is "flaming" and "the reality is that markets have increased by an equivalent amount."

Another recent poll conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Toyota Canada revealed that nearly half (47%) of Canadians said they were less likely to travel during the summer due to high gas prices. Those who live in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the least likely to be on their way this summer.

"The data we have collected shows the real challenges faced by Canadians when they try to make their plans for the summer without having to absorb the entire budget," said Stephen Bitty of Toyota Canada.

For those living in Quebec and Alberta, 45% said gas prices did not affect their travel plans in the summer.

Do gas prices play a role in defining your summer plans? Tell us in our poll.

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