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Rob Shaw: NDP and Liberals use a devastated spokesman for provocative warfare

VICTORIA – When Abbotsford South MBA, Darryl Plekas dropped out of the BK. The Liberal Party last year to become chairman of the legislature told its local newspaper that it would work hard to overcome the damage to its credibility.

"When I say it's a good job for me because it's a direct hit on impartiality, it's a direct hit for non-party work," he told Tyler Olsen of Abbotsford News on September 13, 2017.

"I can contribute by helping members and making sure that the way we conduct the dialogue is productive.

"People will still respect the office and it is my job to show that I can be impartial that I will not be unfair to anyone."

Fourteen months later, whatever was Plexan's work to restore his credibility, had disappeared in an unprecedented week of drama in the legislature.

As revealed more slowly about the crisis in the legislature, one thing is clear: the center is Pleksas. He hired his friend Alan Mullen to conduct a secret investigation into the two top officials of the building who offered MLA to stop the couple without disclosing his involvement or investigation, tried personally to install Mullen in one of the vacancies and then allowed of Mullen to call the police in Victoria and to commit a humiliating campaign of two high-ranking officials (clerk Craig James and Sergeant Gary Lenz) out of parliament in the middle of the day in front of stunned MLA, staff and the media.

What is it about? Only Plecas really knows. And MLA for Abbotsford South, who once promised transparency and fairness to restore his confidence, does not speak.

Instead, Plecas used Dodgeball's five rules to deal with public issues: Dodge, dip, diving, duck and Dodge. The press gallery took the rare step of blocking her cabinet to get a comment last week.

"I'm not sure you have the right story," said Plexas to the crowd. "I'm sure it will be interesting what I have to say this afternoon." the press conference opened, Plex open the door of his office, walked down the corridor and disappeared from sight to save his own event.

In the real world, outside of the crazy bubble, which is the legislative power, the process of human resources as dysfunctional and secret, as one of Plex has created, is likely to lead to questions about his own future work. But this is politics. Normal logic does not apply.

Instead, the public is caught in a provocative war between liberal and NDP military machines, with Place in the center.

The NDP seems to intend to save Pleksha. But only because it benefits the party's position in power. NPC leader Mike Farnworth personally doubles Plex away from liberals last year and can not afford to lose it now. The proximity of the number of voices in the house and the underlying selection of Nanaimo means that the NDP-Green coalition may lose control if Pulkas implodes.

Farnworth and the Prime Minister's office conducted their fingerprints to install Wally Opal as a new special adviser to Plexa's office late last week. Opal's main role, however, is to stop the bloodshed of public relations, as sharks roam in the water. This is evidenced by Oppal's first media availability, in which he describes Pllex as a "well-spoken, intelligent man of great academic background" who "has done nothing in a capricious way," and "it's a little unfair to mine to consider teachers. "

Anyone who hoped that Oppal was there to act in the interest of society and overcome this mess quickly abandoned this idea. Obviously he is not Ted Hughes.

On the weekend, social media mass media supporters in the NDP began pumping the tires at Place, suggesting that James and Lenz had done something terrible, or the police would not even investigate them.

This is the same logic of garbage that people circulated around the eight health researchers fired by the liberal government in 2012 – they must have done something wrong to be dismissed and tell the government that they are under police investigation. It turns out they were wrongly charged. But we did not understand this until almost five years later, and after one of them, Roderik Makisats, took his own life while under the public cloud of shame and suspicion. At that time, the supporters of the liberals were convinced they were dirty.

The Ombudsman of BK draw up a lengthy report with recommendations to prevent this kind of injustice from happening again when someone is accused of committing abuses. He pointed to clear steps to defend the fundamental right to a fair trial and to be considered innocent until proved to be guilty.

But Prime Minister John Horman has rejected all comparisons with health exams last week. He said the circumstances were different – one argument that the Ombudsman's recommendations were intended only for the next time eight health researchers were dismissed for identical claims under exactly the same circumstances in the Ministry of Health. This is not true. The changes had to be applied to all civil servants in all situations.

Things are just as dark in BK The liberal side of the proxy war.

The Liberals continue to feel deeply outraged by what they claim to be a misleading way Plešanka is saying in 2017 – telling them that he will not take the job, then show no liberal Caucus sitting in the Chamber until he his appointment is confirmed. They obviously want to use their vulnerable state in this crisis as an opportunity to drive him out.

Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson has suggested that Plexan mislead them by giving up his role in the mess, and that his party is "taken for a walk" by the chairman.

The Liberals called for an immediate urgent meeting of the legislator's management committee and issued a list of nearly a dozen questions asking the NRP to give an answer to Farnworth's legal council before meeting with the other party leaders on the issue a week ago. Questions are legitimate. But their political ambitions are also clear – revenging on Plexus, destroying his reputation by undermining Farnworth, Horgan and prosecutor general David Ebie, if possible.

Keep in mind the motivation of the NDP and the liberals while watching the scandal in the legislation.

Also keep in mind that James and Lenz are not charged with a crime. The allegations against them remain unknown, even according to them, according to their lawyer. Nothing has been tried in court. The RCMP confirmed that they were investigating material that Mullen said the speaker had provided and that two special prosecutors had been selected to guard against any perceived political interference. But as the story showed us, it does not mean that the public has some idea of ​​what is actually happening.

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