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Roger, the famous kangaroo, died after "a wonderful, long life"

Roger, the famous musical who transformed orphaned Joey into a male alpha male man, died in the Australian kangaroo sanctuary where he dominated. He was 12 years old.

To live Roger.

"Today is a very sad day today because we lost the beautiful boy Roger," said the founder of the sanctuary and operator Chris "Brogue" Barnes in a Facebook video.

The world could never find this absolute unit if it were not for Barnes to find a dead female red kangaroo on a highway in Australia in 2006. Inside her bag was a small Joey, hairless and helpless. Barnes saved him and called him Roger after Roger Rabbit because of his fun ears.

Roger thrives under the care of Barnes, a former national park tour guide, also known as the Kangaroo Dundee.

In 2011, Barnes built his current kangaroo sanctuary in Alice Springs. It was Bar's long dream to "open such a shelter," but Roger and some of his wives "will have a place to live," Barnes said.

In the sanctuary Roger continues to grow (and grow and grow) until it reaches 2.04 m (6 ft-7) and almost 90 kg. At last he caught his ears.

"Roger was our alpha male for many years," Barnes said in the understatement of the year.

Among the frequent social media publications of the Kangaroo Sanctuary, Roger's pictures jumped immediately.

Other "horns" were noticed for their eyes or for their visions packed in improvised bags or their tendency to grasp soft carpets.

It's not about Roger. Posts on Roger mostly highlighted his bulk. It would not be clear that Roger was. ,, seriously torn.

"Roger's favorite game is crushing his bucket!" exclaimed a post in which Roger seemed to effortlessly soften wrought iron with his brute force.

In his characteristics of the Kangaroo Sanctuary, Roger can be seen to chase Barnes around the terrain, threatening to hit him or hit him. Barnes explained that Roger, like an alpha male, had seen him – and all the other men or kangaroos – as a threat to his harem.

"Every day he wants to drive me out of his territory and get out of the girls," said Barnes National Geographic Wild,

Barnes once set down traces that Roger had put on his back with a "hug". Another time, Barnes wounds his right knee, trying to escape the massive throat. ("I wanted a piece of you, there's no doubt about that," Barnes said.)

Roger was often standing upright, who repeatedly emitted a loud sound as Barnes approached enough to take a picture.

"The jumping noise he is doing tells me to get out of my kangaroo," read the inscription on a video dedicated to Roger. "And red on his neck is a scent that men look for in the trees and so on, to mark their territory."

The post has turned Roger into a world-class social media star, probably icon among the most iconic animals in Australia.

His physics inspired a string of Chuck Norris-esque memes and jokes.

Roger could beat Izisa alone or at least take him out of the mountain Game of Thrones,

Roger Rabbit? Rather like Roger Schwarzenegger.

He was literally the boss of the crowd, many of whom noted.

"Roger did 8 years at the Bronx Zoo.

Are the other kangaroos even lifted?

Sometimes pictures show Roger's softer side, such as when they saw him embrace a huge stewed bunny.

"But it is said that after the photo was taken he threw a bunny on the ground and tried to kick him, too," according to WHAS 11 News.

In fact, despite the greater work of his life, Roger was typical of a red kangaroo alpha male – and illustrated the danger of not releasing a man-raised kangaroo in the wild before it was too late.

Because of injuries, Roger could not be released into the wild earlier, Barnes told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

And since Roger had grown up around people, they were afraid that it could be dangerous for humans if he had freed himself outside the sanctuary.

"It has often happened in zoos and wildlife parks that every time a non-domestic hand-raised animal has wildlife," said Bar Daily Mail"Kangaroo are kicks that want to fight, if they grow up around people, they'll want to fight people."

In the dark, however, Roger began to succumb to old age. The sanctuary reveals in a 2016 video that Roger suffers from arthritis and vision failure and has lost some weight that is sometimes difficult to find in the brush.

In the video, Barnes knelt beside the "mighty Roger," fooling him quietly, as he had done more than a decade ago when he had found him on the side of the road.

"I could never take care of Roger as I am now, but he's old … and the old men do not fight," said Barnes.

His voice slowed as he reflected how Roger might have been only a year or two years old, hoping to be happy.

"He's my best partner," Barnes said. "He's my son, and I love him so much.

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