Batman has been missing from Gotham City for years in Arrowover, and after that Kate Cane has accelerated. Kane tours Gotham as Batwoman, the fierce vigil, who also happens to be the protagonist of the LGBTQ. Ruby Rose was thrown as Kate Cane for the Aowerver crossover every year, and her initial message was a controversy. For some curious reason, people felt as if Kate was not fitting to play a lesbian superhero … which makes no sense. "Where on Earth" Ruby is not a lesbian, so she can not be Batman "comes from … it must be the funniest, the most ridiculous thing I've ever read, I went out to 12 and got for the past 5 years I had to deal with "she's too gay" … How to turn it like that, I did not change, "she tweeted before she wiped out her bill.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images for MTV

Rose's debut as a hero was more elegant than the announcement. It saves the characters from Arrow, flash, and Super Girl when they come to Gotham to investigate some side effects that change reality. "Our goal was to create a mood, a story where we could meet her, intrigue her, introduce Gotham a little bit," said Caroline Driss. Dris developed Batwoman's stand-alone series. "We just realized the best story if our boys went to Gotham and it helped them tell their story and then they pulled them off so we know which hero came in … the question for us was how to get her we do something mysterious. "