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Rugby: All Blacks The seven are without loss by playing a pool at Hamilton Sevens

Seeing Japan in the same pool as New Zealand for Hamilton Sevens, you'll have to forgive a Kiwi fan if it makes you nervous.

After all, the last time two teams met, it was at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, where All Blacks Sevens fell to a shock loss of 14-12. Their result was a tough draw and was eventually thrown out of the Fiji quarterfinals.

So if any of the World Series miners were to get in on the New Zealand side, Japan was the most likely candidate.

But in Hamilton, the New Zealand side allowed its Asian colleagues not to repeat a feat.

The hosts started their campaign with Japan's 52-0 strike, not only to avenge 2016, but also to signal their intentions for a home tournament. Jonah Nareki shot the game with two attempts while Andrew Knewstubb was locked when he put the shoe on the ball.

That was only the beginning of the damage New Zealand would have caused, as hosts stumbled Canada with 49-10 in their second match before finishing the day with a 24-0 victory over Spain.

But Kiwi was not the only one to make an early statement at the third stop of the World Series calendar, with the United States, South Africa and Fiji, who pulled out the tournament last year. and go through the pool game without losing.

Fiji, in particular, looked dangerous in the pool game and no doubt fed the crowd's energy – with gay fans, who make up about 50% of the crowd all day.

While most of the multi-league rivals of the world title went through a game of difficulty, England was upset early in Samoa and eventually the finishing pool was playing at the bottom of the eight. Entering the fourth event in the World Series, England will certainly fall on the ladder after the event.

Samoa, on the other hand, will have the chance to climb 10th on the ladder after qualifying in the draw and booked a quarterfinals against South Africa.

The Trans-Tasmanian clash is expecting Kiwi fans on Sunday, with All Blacks Sevens rising to meet Australia in the quarterfinals after Australia lost to Fiji in its final game to finish second in the group.

The United States meets with Scotland, and Fiji with Canada.

Results from New Zealand
– beat Japan 52-0
– beat England 19-14 (women)
– Wins Canada 49-10
– defeat France 24-5 (women)
– beat Spain with 24-0

Take note of all the actions of the day below:

Injury Unit:
– Perry Baker (USA) – suffered a broken jaw in the first game of his team. OUT of the tournament
– Black Ferns Sevens – limp from the ankle injury in the first match of the weekend race. Outside the other two as a precaution.

20:33: Canada is too strong for Japan, closing 26-0 to qualify for the top eight. They will meet Fiji in the knockout stages.

20:13: Fiji gets victory over Australia. They took a 26-19 victory, sending Australia a knockout against New Zealand.

Only two games to be played tonight – Canada vs. Japan and NZ vs. Spain.

19:49: Argentina thrash Wales 36-7. Fiji and Australia will meet now as the losing match New Zealand in the quarterfinals.

19:27: In the best game of the event so far the United States has dropped England by 19-7 to the top of its group. Tomorrow England will play for the small prizes, finishing third in the group. Samoa will join the United States in the first eight.

19:06: With South Africa pulling Scotland away from 26-7, Tonga and Samoa played an exciting match that came to the last minute before any team could escape. Samoa managed to win the victory, and at the last minute two of them tried to give them a flattering victory from 28-12.


Go back after taking some kai. Here's what happened in the last half hour:

– Kenya beat France 19-15.

And that's all. South Africa is currently taking Scotland with fluorescent green …

Black Ferns Sevens vs. France
In a match from last year's World Series Final, Black Fears Sevens entered a battle against France without Captain Sara Hirini.

As deputy captain, Tyla Nathan-Wong was summoned for action early to turn Stacey Waaka's experience within two minutes.

Waaka added two more minutes later as kiwi went up to 12-0.

Halfway through, Waaka had a hat-trick in both wings and positions to lift the hosts to 17-0 at the start of the break.

In the second half France found the win and was not happy not to collect two attempts once again, as some of the strong defenders from Michaela Blade not only stopped a dangerous attack but also won a turnover.

Manavatou's young product Rhiarna Ferris received his first career as a late deputy and first congratulated Blyde for the last attempt at the match.

The blacks took a convincing victory 24-5 to stay without a loss of the day.

Tomorrow they will meet with China for their final weekend match.

17:09: England beat 33-14 over China after being locked 14th in the second half.

16:51: Return to the actions of women now, as England faced China before the seven black ferns to meet with France.

New Zealand vs. Canada

Vilimoni Koroi. Photos / Getty Images
Vilimoni Koroi. Photos / Getty Images

Jump from the beginning, Viliamoni Corroy is too fast to stop! He picks up the trigger and goes straight up in the middle to score what is certainly one of Sevens' fastest attempts in the history.

It was a sign of things to come with Regan Ware, who would play two more to have the NZ with 21-0 in six minutes.

Scott Curry adds another attempt halfway after Canada lost a man to a yellow card and NZ led 28-0 on the vacation.

Wales breaks the NZ line to start the second half as Justin Douglas tries to catch. They are the first points awarded by the kiwi in the tournament.

Not long after, they added a second through Cole Davis, who stretches from a close distance to plant the ball, although some defenders hang from it.

After a slow start at half time, Joe Ravouv came back for the hosts, joining in the fifth attempt of the match. He was followed by Sione Molia, who took his second tournament experience, and Andrew Knewstubb, who crossed the dying seconds of the game to give NZ 49-10 victory.

16:28: Spain defeated Japan in order to remain without loss and win 22-19. Now they count victory and equality.

NZ follows.

Sara Hirini joins Hamilton Sevens

An insignificant ankle trauma ended Sarah Hirin's weekend early.

After pulling out of the series in the victory of his team over England earlier in the day, the captain of the Black Pope seven will be held outside the other two team meetings this weekend as a precautionary measure.

Rhiarna Ferris will join Black Ferns Sevens debut team and Tyla Nathan-Wong will take over the captain.

16:04: Fiji joined an unbeaten club by winning 33-24 over a tough Argentine team.

15:38: Australia goes two for two, punishing Wales 26-5.

The crowd comes alive once Fiji returns to the ground to take over Argentina. As the crowd wore all day, the blues to any other color did not change – it's still more than half full of Fiji team fans and they are strong. It is awesome to see that supporters find their voices.

15:14: The US won its expectations at the start of the tournament winning its second dominant victory. The eagles defeated Samoa 34-14, led by a hat trick by Carlin Alice.

Unpopular opinion about time: I love the sets of an Australian team of seven people. Bright yellow and bright green, together at last!

They are now facing Wales.

Australia from Lewis Holland tries to beat Argentina. Photos / Getty Images
Australia from Lewis Holland tries to beat Argentina. Photos / Getty Images


After a slow start, England ran 36-7 over Tonga. The Tongan side found the result in the second minute, causing a huge roar from the crowd. However, England found its rhythm in the end and punished its colleagues to achieve their first victory of the day.

14:34: South Africa is going two by two with a 17-5 win over France.

Perry Baker is out of the tournament

Perry Baker suffered a broken jaw at the start of the Hamilton Seven match. Photos / Getty Images
Perry Baker suffered a broken jaw at the start of the Hamilton Seven match. Photos / Getty Images

American superstar Perry Baker will fly home tomorrow after suffering a broken jaw in Hamilton's match.

Baker was removed from the game late in the crash of the head and a medical review revealed the interruption, which would reject him from further participation in the weekend.

14:10: Back to the actions of men now. Scotland gets its second victory for the day with a 19-10 victory over Kenya. South Africa will try to follow its example against France.

"Pure excitement" about black ferns

The seven black pigs will play their first home game today. Photo / Photosport
The seven black pigs will play their first home game today. Photo / Photosport

The star of the seven black poets, Ruby Twi, admits that their debut performance on native land is probably not the best game the team has ever played, but the one that has long been.

The team beat England 19-14 in the first game of the mini-tournament "Fast Four", which is held together with Hamilton Sevens.

It was a game that brought the team's "pure excitement" into the lead, with the women's team seven years finally getting a chance to do something in front of a home audience.

"Some of us have been trained for seven years at this time," Twe said messenger after the game. "It is really nice to get out of the way and do the job.

"We told the girls to come out, have fun and show everyone what we did, we got him out of the way, and each of the girls had a touch of the ball, and we were really happy and they were team experiments.

And while the team went up high after the game, it was not without a low point. Captain Sara Hurinie was forced to leave the field with suspicion of ankle injury and had to undergo a medical examination to see how serious the damage was.

Black Ferns Sevens vs. England
Michaela Blade noted her first attempt at the New Zealand women's seed squad on her native land after she landed on landing to break England right in the middle.

Soon after, she was Sara Hirini. She is rewarded for supporting the game and throws a small mannequin to split two defenders. Hirini is forced to leave the field late in the second half with a leg injury. Theatama Tamaki replaces her.

England gets on board to finish half as Helena Rowland enters the bar. The conversion is interesting – bouncing off the barrier before it falls. At halftime the quadruple black spiders lead 14-7.

New Zealand is the first to hit the second half. A little back and forth, Gail Broughton crosses the line. England will not go quietly, though immediately to return back through Rowland, who goes back under the sticks.

This is a case of too little delay for the English side, although Black Ferner wins 19-14.

13:25: The French women's team takes a relatively convincing victory over their Chinese counterparts. By placing 19 points unanswered in the first half, the French team seemed to have a cruise control. China went on board at the end of the second half but France replied with two more attempts to win 31-7.

13:00: It is time for women to do something on grass at FMG stadium. France will take over China in the first game before New Zealand takes over England.

New Zealand vs. Japan

The hosts head for the dream start, turning the ball and boarding early through Sione Molia.

Jonah Nareki joined the game a few minutes later. Plenty of transition to this step when the New Zealand side seemed to find a hole in the Japanese defense. They eventually crack, with Nerek the benefactor. Andrew Knewstubb follows the next occupation. New Zealand leads 21-0 after 4min30sec for the match.

Dylan Collier added another one before the siren. The shot is not good, so NZ takes the 26-0 lead on the break.

It does not take long to continue in the second half with Regan Weyer, who is doing well with two defenders and is quick to score points. Names grabs his second one for the next day. New Zealand leads 40-0 with 3min40sec to play.

Vilimoni Koroi and Joe Ravouvou added two more later, and kiwi won him 52.

24:33: Strange ending between Canada and Spain. Locked at 12-12, the Spanish team hit the ball to touch the bat, but must have forgotten that the game is level. The parties are content with a heavy draw.

New Zealand now takes over Japan. By comparing the roar with the crowd, there seems to be more Fiji fans than New Zealand fans.


Fiji destroyed Wales early in the weekend, putting 554 points on board against their European counterparts. Fiji escaped to victory by 54-7, with a very good breakthrough job to thank for an impressive amount of possession.

11.50am: Australia can come out of Argentina by 17-12, not a second after the final whistles that fans of the crowd in the crowd roar with their lives.

Cheers came so fast after Australia's final scandal against Argentina. Honestly, I thought there was a striker.

Fiji meets Wells first.

Also …


The United States moved past Tonga to open their account with a 29-27 victory, but may have lost starry speed Perry Baker for the tournament after leaving the pitch at the end of the match in pain.

11.03am We get early upset! Samoa has dropped England with an exciting encounter. Samoa escaped at an early stage and backed out the English return to win 12-10.


A look at the ground and everyone would think that there are many Australian fans in Hamilton today. Wherever you look, there is a bright yellow cowboy hat.

As it turns out, hats are a gift from a financial company – though I'm sure the Australian team will not mind the illusion of support.

As a Scottish fan who proudly put on his hat, he said, "We were tricked!"

10.40am: South Africa has made an impressive start of its campaign, managing Kenya 29-10. After lagging early, South Africa continues to surpass five Kenyan attempts in two.

England takes Samoa at the next meeting.

10.20am: It does not take long for some controversy. Scotland won the last second over France on the back of a controversial pass, in which members of the media room shouted "ahead!"

Kenya takes South Africa to the next match.

10 am:

Welcome to what is a wonderful day here in Hamilton. Plenty of clouds in the sky, providing a warm welcome to the sun. France and Scotland repulsed the first game of the day.

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