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WI know well now what is happening The RuPaul Dragon Ladies returning to the race after being eliminated before: Once again, they are eliminated. At best, they stay the most in one more episode, most likely they are in the safe group. But do not make a mistake: they can not win and the elimination is right around the corner.

Lateric Royal, season 4 and All Stars 1 veteran, makes her come back All Stars 4 this week, after winning a way back in a badly synchronized episode.

It tries to break the curse of the returnee. She knows there was, as she says, "the story of the girls returning and going back home." Surely this legendary queen can be the first? Surely she can win the challenge, keep up and make a real milestone in the crown?

Credit: Kevin Oe Keeffe / Xtra

The challenge for this week is one of my favorites for the season and for a whole new invention All Stars 4The top seven queens have the task of designing, building and performing club concepts in teams. This is a terrible quest: they must actually build space, make a signature cocktail, add a game to play in the evening, and then meet the judges for the night of the club. It's basically that Drag Race version of Most cookThe Challenge of Restaurant Wars, where teams have to find restaurants and dinner.

What I love most in this challenge is that it recalls the original thesis Drag Race a challenge that reflects part of Ru's career. The club scene was an integral part of Ru's growth Drag Race has yet to find a way to test this in a meaningful way. This new challenge creates a fantastic showcase for queens, with most of them rising to the case, and even smaller ladies almost do not descend.

Latrice Royale can choose the teams as a returning queen and she wisely chooses to work with BFF Manila Luzon and technically perfect rival Trinity "Taylor" The Tuck. Together, they go out with the Hive Bee Club and simply break the challenge. Manila comes out with a fantastic design full of hexagonal figures to recall the beehives on the wall. The black and yellow trio complements complement the decor, their copper-flavored cocktails are a hit, and their spell bee is the perfect element of the game. They even intelligently include judges in the bee. This is a home march from the team of older queens.

Unfortunately, for Manila, the judges believe that despite the great design, Manila did too much during the performance and was refused to win the challenge. Instead, the splendid housewife Trinity and the great lady Latris serve as the first two queens of the week. Trinity's victory is obviously more about the challenge, and I think Latrice's dynamite track puts it above the top. This is a surreal latex that recalls some marine creature. This is unusual, powerful, and easily the best thing that LATRIS ever wore in every season Drag Race,

The rebirth of Latris arrives quickly as it achieves the impossible so far, but Monét X Change, her journey is not over. "You have to be at the top every week," says Queen of New York during the episode introduction, and she is right. If Latrice falls even once, the ladies will have a reason to send her home. It has to go through the next two weeks without blemish to get to the finish.

(Left to Right) Latrix Royal, Trinity Tuck and Manila Luson Credit: Courtesy VH1

Speaking of Monét, she and her sister 10 Sean Monk Heart make a great show with her club, The Black Hole. The design of the club is strong, just external and strange enough to work, but where the couple really sells is in their chemistry. Of all the teams, they work together best, the reefs from each other in the process of designing and presenting them. I would most like to go to their club night and I think they should work professionally as they could.

I can not say the same about Naomi Smols and Valentina. While Naomi is particularly well off this week (except for an uncharacteristically uncharted runway), Valentina really screws up the dog. She conceives the concept of their club 96 – like 69, but people are too luxurious to watch – and that's for him. She comes to the club's workspace in absurd, impractical clothing while Naomi appears to work in jeans. Instead of helping Naomi figure out the scenario for the club, she goes to talk to the other teams.

The unpredictability of Valentina is shown during the presentation as she and Naomi stepped on each other and act casually. Even their clothes show the difference in the level of their preparation, Naomi's wig is great and Valentina is limp. The only thing that really works in the club is their urge to whisper "Club 96" every minute. It's just stupid and strange to make funny.

Valentina crying Credit: Courtesy VH1

Writing is on the wall for the entire episode of Valentina. It just does not focus enough to work with a partner in these team challenges; the lack of seriousness about Valentina is fun until it's time to get brass tones. She also failed in a similarly constructed challenge to TV pilots in Season 9, where she and Nina Boina Nina Brown Nina and Tina was a starter. (This was the challenge she landed in the lower two, she did not know the words of the Jaded, and the rest was a story.)

Moreover, the other girls just ceased to accept Valentina seriously. Once again, she monologues her fantasy during the opening, and her colleagues laugh. "She can just stay home and live fantasy!" Monic says, which, albeit funny, is also quite right. Valentina just does not compete at the level of these other ladies (which can be said that Naomi is not, butadrenaline– continued a long way to this. It is not right to keep it around if it is obviously the worst of what is left of the harvest. During the deliberations Valentina breaks down in a way that is not the whole season. You can say that she knows it's her time and the fantasy is finally collapsing. For her immense recognition, she would not throw Naomi under the bus to Trinity, even when her 9th sister prayed for a reason to keep her. Meanwhile, Latrice learns how difficult it is to take a decision to eliminate, but ultimately eliminates Valentina.

This is a sad moment, especially because I feel we will never hear from Valentina again – oh, wait, no, it is Rental: live on Sunday will be fine. Valentina is a star and there is absolutely no stop.

Valentina mentions the turbulent rumor that she wanted red M & Ms from the seats after the 9th season. Like the joke for Maskgate during the roasted Lady Bunny, she just does not land. Alaska appeared All Stars 2 that these types of references can kill the judges, but they must be perfectly sculpted to rejoice the judges.

Last As I guessed last week, the pointless chatter in the work room proves that there was really no plot for this season. Rough, given that we still have three episodes.

Os Glory to Trinity for giving up one of her Manila Awards as a sign of recognition for all the work Manila did. This makes a nice moment and slightly softens the Trinity. These things go a long way with Drag Race fans community.

LATRIS says something very beautiful to Valentina during the talks when Val begins to cry: "If you show your emotions, you are no less." This is a lesson that everyone can take on heart and I really hope for Valentina . It should not be the perfect character all the time.

Naomi is really funny throughout the episode, not to take Valentina to her proposal to wear the same ridiculous outfit for most of her club liners. – Isaac Mizrachi – before it made me roar. It looks like it may be the next one, but I will really miss it when she's gone.

Love I always love listening to "Jealousy on my boogies," one of Rupal's best songs and the theme for Season 2. t He comes to Club 96, thus immediately improving Club 96.

Judges The visiting judges this week are Rita Oura and Susan Barts and for my pleasure they both are great! Rita is very entertaining during the club stages. Perhaps my most beloved moment: when asked about $ 100 earned in The Black Hole, Monét says he will be Vemmo. Susanne, on the other hand, really shows why she is a legend in the nightlife, with sharp criticism on the spot. She also comes dressed for the gods and looks flawless. (She's 67!) I'd say she's there with Jennifer Lewis and Cecily Strong among the best judges of the season.

, Yes, sync your lips. Lord, I wanted to avoid talking about it. For some reason, Trinity goes out to an old woman with dead tits for Dead or Alive of You Spin Me Round (Like A Record). " Anyway, Trinity is terrible, and Lathris is not much better, no matter how Monik convinces us that her motility on the ground is somewhat worthy. Latrice essentially wins, not being the worst. Bad end of another good episode.

All DragPa races in the RuPaul 4 race returns next Friday, February 1, at 20:00 ET on VH1 in the US and OUTtv in Canada.

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