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Saints Row: The third – the full package goes to Nintendo for the first time

It has been almost seven years since the third installment in popular The world of the Rhine the franchise came out, and now it's the first time it's heading to a Nintendo platform. It was originally announced at the Gamescom 2018 that it really comes to the Nintendo Switch. We now know that the version we get is Saints Row: The Third – Full PackageBack, when it first came out, this was the luxurious version of the game that comes with the three mission download packages plus 30 bonus DLC elements. It's a ton of content. It will be transferred to Switch by Deep Silver Fishlabs.

For those who do not remember, here's a little refresh of what, "Saints order: the third",

Since the saints are principally supporters of Styliott, their glory has spread all over the world. This attracts the attention of the syndicate, a legendary criminal organization. They want to be owed by the saints who, of course, refuse to bow. The saints end up fighting for Stallportport, which is heavily under the control of the unions. It is up to you and the saints to bring them back.

It is strange that once they have been on Xbox, PlayStation and PC so long that they have finally decided that Nintendo deserves a port. For long-time fans of the series, this may be a good time to review what I think is the best saints games ever. I'm glad they chose to be a port "Saints order: the third" not the fourth game. Since the switch is both a home console and a portable, it offers people the ability to play this adventure headlamp with an open world on the go. Currently, we do not have a price or release date yet. The good news is that players from all over the world will soon be able to deal with it. Tell us if you plan to review this game.

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