Tuesday , June 15 2021

Sam Roberts Rants About Bianca Belair During the NXT TakeOver Pre-Show

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Sam Roberts made one clear thing during NXT's pre-show TakeOver Phoenix … he does not believe Bianca Belair deserves to be on the show.

The conversation happened when Sam discussed the NXT match for the women's championship with Charly Caruso and Pat McAfee.

"It's not worth the TakeOver," Roberts said. "Bianca Belair, she's a good athlete … but like … look at the list of female champions. You have Shaina Bazller, you got Charlotte, you got Sasha Banks, you got Asuka, you got Kiri Sain! This is a list of elite women in the fight. And Bianca Bellaire is not far from this list.

In addition, Sam says Bianca vs Shina would be good at NXT TV, but not on TakeOver.

The moment was probably a screenwriter somehow some time ago, but it definitely caught many viewers unprepared, as Roberts usually plays straight during pre-broadcasts.

See his comments below.

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