Friday , July 30 2021

Scientists create artificial material with "realistic" traits

Today scientists are much better at creating more humanoid robots, but for the most part this is mostly aesthetics. It seems, however, that in the future the machines could not just look more realistic, but they could also potentially begin to show realistic trends.

This is due to the creation of new artificial material by engineers at Cornell University. Called DASH (DNA-Based Assembly and Synthesis of Hierarchical), this material is designed to sport realistic features that include metabolism, self-assembly and organization. This means that in the future, machines may have the potential for self-reproduction.

According to Shogo Hamada, the lead author of the study"The projects are still primitive, but they have shown a new way to create dynamic machines from biomolecules. We are the first step in building realistic robots through artificial metabolism. Even from simple design, we've managed to create sophisticated behaviors like racing. Artificial metabolism can open a new frontier in robotics. "

While we must admit it sounds quite exciting, we are not sure we are too excited about the idea that robots can be treated themselves and reproduced one day. We are not alone in our fears, as we have seen in the past, several prominent people in science and technology have expressed an interest in avoiding the future, like the terminator.

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