Wednesday , January 20 2021

Seth Rolls holds the Intercontinental Championship at the RAW Main Event

Seth Rollins Holds Intercontinental Championship at RAW TLC Main Event

Photo by Bill Pritchard

Saturday night's RAW before TLC, Seth Rolls won the TLC's first TLC game for 5 years on Monday night, keeping the Intercontinental Championship against Baron Corbin.

Rollins would have made Corbin in the Ladders, and Chairs games after criticizing his term as general manager. Corbin would have leveled out with Ante by making Rollins take their share of IC on the line and lead to the main event. Corbett would have tried to sort the backpack early, putting Heat Slater in charge after threatening to keep his job. The plan was almost successful, but Rollins recovered to give Corbin a bomber across the table and later to overcome Slater to remove him from the equation. After the Strobe performance, Rollins will be able to extract the IC title above the ring and keep the title.

After the game Dean Ambrose would drop down the ring and look at Rollins as the two of them will face each other on this Sunday in the platforms, tables, stairs and chairs.

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