Monday , July 26 2021

Shopify presents a new range of hardware for retail – TechCrunch

Shopify expands its efforts in the brick and mortar trader with the release of its new hardware collection.

The company is best known as a platform for building online stores, but it also offers software to sell physical stores, and a few years ago, a credit card reader has begun. With the new collection – which includes a revised fountain reader and chips, as well as the Shopify and retail store, a more complete solution for offline marketing has been created.

Chief Product Manager Craig Miller told me that Shopify takes advantage of a "industry-wide trend" where online retailers reach a "turning point" and realize that "the next step in the scale of your business is to open an offline store." For example – after all, Miller and his team demonstrated the hardware at the Parashut store in New York.

He suggested that Shopify's biggest asset was the ability to overcome the retailer's online and offline business – among other things, allowing them to track their entire inventory in one place or offer customers the opportunity to order an online product and take it to the store,

"Consumer expectations simply go through the roof," Miller said. And while these opportunities are available in some of the bigger stores, when you think of a smaller retailer, they do not have access to this business. We managed to create a package that does everything.

Shopify Press and Chip Reader

Few more about hardware itself: the stand allows retailers to mount and load a tablet that can also rotate over a counter to allow the customer to check. At the same time, the Tap & Chip Reader has been redesigned to fit into the rest of the new hardware range and can be mounted and charging on the Dock.

The entire installation can be placed in a traditional box, or simply worn and used in the store.

As a buyer, the experience may be similar to the payment of one of these familiar square stands and card readers. While Miller did not specifically mention Square, he admits that Shopify is not the first company to create this type of product.

"We have always believed that the first market is not always a winner," he said. "Just as a company, we are philosophically inclined to spend time just to find out what the market is looking for, to challenge some assumptions – for example, if there is even a need for the cashier."

The new hardware can be purchased individually in a combined retail set that costs $ 229.

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