Wednesday , January 20 2021

"SNL": Jason Momo plays Khal Drogo in "The Game of Thrones" Spoof

The sketch returns dead HBO series characters.

Jason Momoa repeated his own Game of Thrones character Hal Drugo in a Saturday night live a spelling parody called "The Daughters of Daughter of Hal Drugo," in which the heroes of I HAVE appeared to talk to Drugo and host Kenan Thompson.

Beck Bennett appeared as Khodor as Pete Davidson appeared as a High Sparrow. Although the hero is not dead, Brien Tart is played by Heidi Gardner.

Best of all, I HAVEthe topic of the secret story was also sparked by fake sponsors such as "Tweety Little Brothers" in honor of Khal Drogo, advertising for the wedding venue where the Red Wedding appeared and "Elf on a Shelf" called "Khal On A Wall" .

Kate McKinnon has made an obvious impression on Joffrey Barrett: "You're just crazy that you do not call me," said Joffrey to McKinnon. She also made reference to Dr. Phil's viral phrase, Daniel Bregoli, "take me outside," before entering into a battle with Aida Bryant's Oleana.

Kyle Muni hosted a show-show on the show called "Talking Dojo," and was stabbed by Momo, who announced "no more after that."

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