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Sobeys continues B.C. the expanded FreshCo brand in Richmond

The FreshCo store in the mission, which was opened late last month.

Jonathan Hayward / CANADA PRESS

Heavy-floor trading Sobeys has expanded its FreshCo discount branding brand on Friday, opening two more of Richmond's budget.

The shops are at number 3 Rd. and Blundell Rd. and their opening is part of the strategy of Sobis to rearrange some of the 10 Safeway stores where the New Scotland merchant is closed in the BC. last year as competitors in the precious segment of the market.

FreshCo branding for consumer marketing includes price comparison, reimbursement of customer costs for unsatisfied products, and deeper discounts for advertised products that are not available as end-of-food competition on the food market goods of BC are being heated.

Sobis opened his first FreshCo spot in the mission on April 25, which Craig Patterson's Retail Analyst said as the beginning of a "little war on food" in a Postmedia publication published earlier this week.

Sobeys launched the FreshCo brand in 2010, expanding to 92 outlets in Ontario, and its plans include opening 11 in Western Canada, including Mission, Richmond, Aldrogrow, Chiliwaak, Mapple Ridge, Ladner, Abbotsford and Surrey.

Patterson told Duggan that these locations seem to be a challenge to other discount stores such as Walmart and the Real Canadian Superstore, where Safeway will be seen as a more expensive option.

People are entering a FreshCo store in Mission, the first of ten stores under the banner promised by Sobes.

Jonathan Hayward /


Sobeys, which also owns Thrifty Foods in BC, is controlled by the Nova Scotia Empire Headquarters, which bought Safeway Canada, including 40 Lower Mainland, for $ 5.8 billion in 2013.

Chief Executive Officer Michael Medline, in the company's latest quarterly report, refers to the expansion of FreshCo as one of its "strategic building blocks", which will make it a quarter of its 255th place in Safeway.

In January, the Empire spent $ 35 million on voluntary redemptions of Safeway officials as part of a government-approved deal that gave the company the necessary labor flexibility to continue FreshCo's expansion, according to its quarterly report.

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