Sunday , June 13 2021

Steph Curry will face Brother Seth in the all-star contest with 3 points

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The All-Star NBA Weekend is shaped as a family affair, with the Curry brothers facing each other at the 3 points.

Stephen Curry told ESPN that he and his brother Seth Curry of the Portland Trail Blazers will shift away February 16 in Charlotte, their hometown.

The Star of the Golden State says the race will be fun, but he knows his brother "will be shooting for me, though.

The NBA has not released a full field of racers for the Saturday events in the All-Star Saturday Night. This will be the sixth time when Stephen Curry participates in the contest and the first one for Seth Curry. Their father, Dell Curry, is a participant twice.

In an interview last week with the Associated Press, Dell Curry said his two sons love to compete for almost everything – and it is impossible to say who is more competitive.

"At my daughter's wedding we played dice for two hours – and that was the most competitive thing I've ever seen," he said with a laugh. "Whenever there is a game in which someone has to win or lose, you can not give anybody the advantage of who is more competitive.

This goes to the golf course.

Dell Curry said he was playing golf with the two sons – sometimes the three of them together – and he's always competitive.

"Seth plays only two or three times a summer," says Dell Curry. "He has thrown 10 beats because of his short play, but he can hit the ball further, but his brief play just to play a couple of times a year is really good, as for Stef, people ask me if I beat him. yes, yes, I would do it twice – but we played about 25 times, he's a stick.

Seth Curry actually surpassed his two-year-old brother from MVP beyond this NBA season.

Seth Curry makes his best career of 48% in the 3-point range, making 137 out of 322 attempts. Steven Curry shot 44.4%, but made more pictures (191 out of 430). Steven Curry ranks behind only James Harden in a 3-point game this season (220).

The event may include even more intrigue if Shemna Hornets is a guard of Kemba Walker, who decides to compete as it is his own court.

Walker, the All Star star, is fifth in the NBA at the 3-point this season and one of the most popular professional athletes ever to play at Charlotte.

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