Thursday , May 13 2021

"Storm is saved from disaster!": Alien UFOs break out of lightning – UFOs

UFOologists from the United Kingdom report that UFOs have recently emerged as unusual UFO-shaped UFOs.

«Гроза спасла от беды!»: Инопланетный НЛО взриви от удара молний - уфологи

It is well known that the British have noticed the throat on Nov. 22, when they went out to capture the incredible thunderstorm with a great flash on the video. Witnesses, however, did not expect lightning to be shot and the UFO that was at that time in the sky. The authors of the video said that in a matter of seconds the alien UFOs broke out of lightning.

"Maybe the storm was saved from a disaster because perhaps we do not know about foreigners' intentions," said the British ufoologists. It should be noted that recently in America in Ohio a storm also hit the flying saucer.

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