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Summary: Do not call it a return – the leaves lose 5-4 in the NW

For the first time this year, Toronto Maple Leafs will play with them Fully operational battle station the best possible composition. Why? Oh, you probably did not hear that William Newlander signed the cards and will play his first game tonight!

Villa is excited and the fans are excited and the coach is excited, and Dubas is excited and his teammates are excited, and Fulemin and Arvind are again excited.

Perhaps Willie can help Sparks make this line even bigger.

Let's do it.


We were treated with an epic introgram … do I regret playing an intro to play? I mean an epic intro NYLANDER. Play with my fun based emotions, Sportsnet. I'm here for him!

[20:00 to 15:00]

Nickander watches as the sheets begin with the Tavares line and we are off! Nothing is happening at the change and HERE WE WAIT THE CROWN OF JEW! He had a little admiration and no irritation I heard, so it's nice. And that's how they retired … Baba teases you 🙁

Nilander does not look so much in this game. I do not think Nylander has seen a shot in the net yet this game and that's more than 3 minutes in the game. Ville observed that the fourth line received a decent chance from Lindholm, but his experience was partially blocked and he expanded.

With the tilt of Tavares, Nilander gets a good chance and our first shot on the net four minutes ago. Then he gets up and we get Willy's harvest: wearing the puck to enter a clear area, bypassing the area and making a sharp ice for ice to the point of impact.

Nickander pulled back to the third line and got a clock from Cadbury to Johnson to Gardiner for Capannen to get into it. 1-0 Leafs!

[15:00 to 10:00]

As soon as the Nilandar player overcomes the 15th minute, the curse of Foulemin hurts the Leafs. Having made a joke earlier today about Jonathan Ericsson, who scored a hat-trick, GIESS, WHO WILL TAKE INCLUDE? Ericsson received a clean shot, which was received from partially hidden Sparks. Nilander shakes his head right now … 1-1 tie game.

Evidence of Fulemin's paradigm:

Perhaps a minute later, the wings rush into ice, and Glending, the fourth man on the wings, gets the puck of a little broken play … Mitch Marr looked like a sheet to take him up. During the repetition, he seems to have been caught in the board earlier in Glending's play, which makes him back to the ice. 2-1 wings.

Not long after Leafs got a chance to play. PP1 can not get anything, actually they were pretty assholes. In order not to be surpassed, PP2 appears and is fast mega ass. Their best chance was to get into the Nilender area, and the saucer to cross ice to Ennis for point shooting.

[10:00 to 5:00]

Nickandar begins to take his legs under him, except when he joins a Wings player, both of them collide with a replica and take him out with them.

Marner makes his magic move through the neutral zone, creating 3 to 2. You will be shocked if you hear that he has switched to Tavares, who pulled the splash out of the circle to save Bernie easily. One of these days Mara will take that shot and half of GTA will get a heart attack.

Oof, Leafs almost gave up on another. Ozzie had that strange pass / sweep that Matthews turned. The wings received a shot and in the subsequent mess Sparks made two nice save. The fourth row jumped then and rushed to its own end.

Lipps look like they've been asleep lately.

[5:00 to Fin]

The third row is relaxed on the hill and THIS IS GOD! Caps generates a shot from the impact and in the subsequent campaign, Cadri pulled him out of the crossbar. Poor Naz … he's back in his snake phase.

With the Nilender line he makes a hard and sharp breakthrough to Matthew, who is stumbling on Jensen when he pulls in the middle of the ice to force the punishment. The leaves are returned to the PP with the ability to bind it. The PP1 was able to get some time in the area, but there were no good chances. After a minute Nylander Unit jumped on the ice to … the same lack of success.

The fourth row came after the end of the GP and Connor Brown had a great chance but failed to get a good shot to be blocked. And as soon as the leaves are punished. Actually, no, they do not! Because in the case of the postponed punishment, Newcastle covers over Sparks, who is in a strangely rounded position, perhaps expecting a pass or close shot? Only 12 seconds left … 3-1 Wings.

Thoughts for the first period



  • He was 3-1 and it did not look just unlucky
  • Villas looked like a man who was not in a training camp / training camp / NHL this year, except for some nice little passes or recorded areas
  • The Leafs had a terrible time when the turnovers and the poor coverage of the defense zone came, and both contributed …
  • 7 high hazards marking the wings of 5v5 to Leafs 4 and showing:


[20:00 to 15:00]

The Kadri line begins this period and they have a decent change due to the viciousness of Trapani and Cadri. The Tavares line follows another good change. Matthew's lineup comes as Nilander defeats the ice and helps Marleu for a chance (which is blocked).

It was then that Athanasius became part of a partial rest that Sparks had made a good mat. Leafs shot twice, and Nylander fired, burning each time before he could get out of the ice.

[15:00 to 10:00]

Leafs slipped into a long swap with Tavares and the ice. The Kadri line has once again made a big difference, remaining in the "wings" area without letting them explode when they have a chance. They just could not get a good result.

Then the Tavares line appeared and created a few good chances. Mitch had the puck in the slot, but his shot was blocked. Heansy had to come in with the puck, but with his wrist wide. They lose a shot in the net, but they look fairly equal to the attempts in front of my eyes. Unfortunately, Marr ordered a penalty, but at least he did not score before he could touch the puck.

[10:00 to 5:00]

The Liaff killed the punishment … that's fine! Mike Green got hit by the point after Marr left the box … it's bad. 4-1 wings.

And the game ranges from worse to worse, as it was noted that Nicholas Crowwell had made a cheap boarding, and Matthews knocked awkwardly at the bottom of the corner. Absolutely disgraceful trickery. Let all his dreams be tormented by rabid bugs to his last breath.

Matthew seemed to be doing well jumping on ice with PP1 after the second unit started the game. They have a good chance at the high peak of Cadri that Bernier stopped. Matthew received a good shot from the post, which Bernie partially stopped. They did not score the score, and immediately after the end of the GP Kadri had a GLORIOUS chance in front of him that he could not hit hard as he fell, but the net was wide open for him.

[5:00 to Fin]

The leaves look as if they have at least some life, thinking positively! Which makes it a perfect time for Lindholm to take a shot … sigh. Fortunately, they killed him, but they stayed for a few minutes at a time when they did not really match offensive efforts.

Nilander gives them a chance after making a punishment from Cronoul. The period ends with Leafs still 4-1, but with more than a minute of PP time to start the third.

Think about the second period

This game is ass. The sheet looks like a butt. Their PP looks like an asshole. Red wings are butt, but they still make big. Cronoul is a henna. It's all here!

The leaves had more attempts for this period, but a) many of them were blocked (they actually had only 5 shots per goal in that period) b) those who were not blocked were poor quality chances to score and c) lost the chances of battle at 5v5.


[20:00 to 15:00]

We return, with the leaves still on the PP. The goal here will be a nice sign that the return does not come out of the question … just say. Shame can not happen because the Leafs never get a good chance. Their PPs were assholes, or Wings PK is good (hahahaha).

Kadri's Kapanen line was the best-looking line in the game and had another good change. We're starting to see grandmothers throw Reilly and Gardiner on the same shift, and that's it! Reilly entered the area and powered Tavares with a great chance that he would not miss, as he fired him up to make it a fight. 4-2 game.

Babes track the target with the Johnson-Matthews-Trap-line … the double shift of Matthews or his wings? You tell me! Nylon goes out with Cadri and Marlee afterwards, I do not know who moved and who moved.

The wings start to look a little strange and the leaves begin to get more chances and constant pressure. The Tavares line had a great chance, like Hyman, and Tavares failed to put Marner's truck in front of him. The crowd is inserted into it, the leaves look like their feet and the Wings come into turtle mode.

[15:00 to 10:00]

Matthew's line-up with his new wings has a huge chance for their next move, with Matthews and Rielli playing and continuing the electric quick shot, ending with Relié, who almost misses the top corner. The leaves of all wings with 6 shots per goal in less than 6 minutes and a few more quality flaws.

We see that Gardiner and Rielly again appear alongside the Tavares line and continue to look more dangerous during this period. At a distance from ice, this pair of D remains, but Matthews' line joins them.

Sparks had to save the Wings' attempt to retire by keeping it in the game. AND WORKS! The Tavares line again, from Marner's big game, to get into the area. Ozzie was fired and Hyman rebounded to make him a naked game! 4-3 with half the game!

[10:00 to 5:00]

TIE GAME !!!!!!! Babcock's witchcraft has done wonders. A nice pass to start a quick reaction led to Matthews rushing into the area. He makes a shot that he misses but goes to Johnson on the short side that makes a real little chip shot on Bernie's shoulder. This is even now! 4-4 tie game!

The game seemed a bit even after the tie, as the Wings started to retreat for some chances, but Leafs did not return to their slow ways earlier in the game.

[5:00 to Fin]

Very end-to-end traffic, but without a long time zone and without sticking. Crolloul struggles with Brown, trying to fight the ice, but not with punishment. Brown, however, struggles hard, and leaves keep some time around the Cadri area and cause ice.

We have not seen a single Willi in the last time, Babs may have sat him to take a breath for CT or for a firefight. His records have fallen into pieces for each period.

Marner almost surprised Bernie with surprise from the board. Bernier made an awkward salvation, as he had to hold his hands tight so that he could not slip. We have another minute when the game is tied.

In the defensive zone, the test runs and play on Brown, and Brown climbs for the break that Bernie stops. Immediately afterwards, the wings dropped and a shot of a point ringed in TWO PARTS for another 10 seconds, and Rielielli kept the door by deflecting Larkin's retreat into the net. Yeesh … Out of 3 to 3 overtime we go!

Third period thinks

And they did it! A much better period for Leafs. Babcock pulled away with the lines and the pairing, and their energy ran. They went out for Wings 31 to 18, and while Sparks had to make some good savings, the Leafs had some good bounces on their way (thank you, based posts).


A little crazy back and forth to get started without going out of it. On Creek, Spark's order had to make a lot of money saving Larkin. He had to make a good breakthrough to check another chance of the wings at the front, which turned by pushing Marleu to a partial break in another way that Bernie saved.

This is like a polar opposite to overtime over Buffalo. Many extreme skates, changes in possession and chances for each team.

The extra shot ends with Larkin's goal. The halftime of Tavares led to Larkin slamming the ice when he climbed to the split, and he defeated Sparks for a goal as the opposing player who is holding back to give up his cheap shot.

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