Monday , January 25 2021

Takeaways: Kyle Laurie's fight is becoming a raptor trend

Toronto Raptors lost 106-105 from Brooklyn Nets in a game that would not go wrong with classics in performance but was competitive and took extra time.

In a game that for a long time ran on raptors, was not worth winning, Toronto missed the opportunity to close late and win comfortably. This game highlighted the things that Nick Neurs recently tortured; things that eventually came back to pursue their team.

Raptors fired only 39%, turned the ball over 15 times and had only three quick points. In addition, Nets, who lost eight game losses, were led by D'Angelo Russell, who had 15 in the third quarter and six more in extra time, ending 29 points at 13-22 shooting.

The rapper fell to 21-6 of the season and is still sitting quietly in the championship. Nets, whose first victory against Toronto in April 2015, are now 9-18 of the season and 4-10 at home. Toronto won 12 victories against Net before the one that was their longest active victory against each team.

Here are some misfortunes about the difficult loss of raptors in a casual game from both teams.

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Another slow start

It was another slow start for Toronto. The nurse retreated with less than five minutes of play in the first quarter and with his team with 5-2. Things soon got better as the raptors had dropped 14 in the first half and had to go out 23-7 before they finished the game in half.

Live from the three, dying of the three

The three balls have disappeared to raptors to a great extent. Toronto started the match 0-7 of the three and they did not get much better. They came out 2-8 from three in the fourth quarter, and outside Leonard – 6-29.

It was a microcosm of the game when Toronto missed a bunch of three overhead pointers, including one on the Fred Van Wave bell, as Kauche Leonard could not get a clean look to win it while he was a double team.

Leonard's offensive explosion and the MVP campaign continue

The value of Toronto's best player was obvious again, as he did not get much help but was still effective. Kawhi Leonard finished with 32 points on 10-21 goals and 5-6 from three points. This is the eighth time when he scored 30 points plus this season and four of them came in the last five games.

The best part of his game is to shoot him beyond the rainbow that Rapter really needed. Leonard missed only three against Brooklyn and in his last two games he was 10-12 off. Leonard also scored all seven of the Raptors' points in overtime.

JV hot for insult

The only player Leonard was able to count on to carry the load against Net was Jonas Valencius.

The Lithuanian hit is terrible after he really struggles to find his rhythm earlier this season. Valanciunas has put 42 points in his last five seasons of basketball, including the team, which leads 17 points in the first half on Friday night. In his 14th quarter he had only scored 33.

Laurie's fight continues

The proximity of the radar, which was Kyle Lowery's last decline, is now becoming a trend. Lowry shot 1-8 of the table for three points and had five turns in his 36 minutes of action.

He missed two broad threes in bad work and dismissed another open look. Laurie made only four goals in his last three games. In the last four games it averages 35.8 minutes, 6.3 points, shoots 21.6% of the pitch and 18.5% out of three, with 4.5 rebounds and 3.3 revs.

On the light side it has an average of 9.5 assists in this range, including its 11 dimes on Friday night. His rough stretch began with Raptors' victory against the warriors and followed the lack of play due to back cramps. This addition of holiday did not help, but he can get more of it because raptors need all of their stars to return to all the star levels with which the season started and to be healthy if they will fight for championship in the spring.

Little success of the ball

The best section of basketball that the team played was at the end of the fourth quarter when Nick Neurs laughed with his squad.

Leonard hit the triangle corner to give Raptors a chance to get out of a big shot and shoot Danny Green to break 9-0 at 2:09 before Brooklyn came out with 2:33. This move was caused by a small ball that the raptors did not unlock in a great way, but we can see it as the schedule becomes more and more difficult. The composition of Lowry, VanVleet, Green, Leonard and Pascal Siakam in the five was the group that brought the raptors into the game.

Raptors struggle late

This loss reduced the Toronto record to 1-2 in the OT this season. Toronto is struggling to close some strong games with a non-standard end game for insult and poor recovery. Three of their six losses (Boston, Detroit, and Brooklyn) collapsed against the opponents of the Eastern Conference. Two of them came overtime and one was in a bell. The last four losses were an average of 3.25 points.

Next step: In a battle for MVP candidates to be broadcast on NBA TV in the United States, rappers take over the team that is pursuing them at the Eastern Conference when they host Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday.

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