Sunday , May 16 2021

TAYLOR: Attract Early Sales During Black Friday Favorable for Retailers | Business


the rotation stack of the Canadian Postal Alliance Association may have encouraged more people to shop in regular brick and mortar shops during this holiday season, but it may be too early to say for sure.

Juanita Spencer, executive director of the Spring Garden Business Association, said on Friday that she did not know whether the rotating strikes had a positive effect on customer shopping habits in the spring garden area.

The speed of the cold may have prevented some dare to shop, she said, but her association is optimistic that the festive atmosphere that begins with The Chronicle Herald Parade of Lights last week will continue with the "Shopping under the Stars" event Friday .

Who knows if the effect of the snow globe that exists in Halifax on Friday will be paid for by retailers, creating the right atmosphere for holiday shopping.

Although it began as a US phenomenon linked to Thanksgiving in the United States, Black Friday came to Canada on a large scale and local retailers welcomed the growing interest in buying holiday homes early on, said Jim Cormier, Director of the Atlantic Council Canada Retail.

It is called "black Friday" because in the retail world, many retailers have to wait until the end of the year to move their business from a losing year to red to profitable from the black.

"Black Friday has become really successful here," Cormier said in an interview Friday. "Obviously, it's about marketing to try to make people shop, but it certainly helps with the inventory."

Members of the Trade Council have commented over the years, he said, "Black Friday" is much better than the old way to do things. "When there will be Boxing Day sales that are a day after Boxing Day – since we are not open on Boxing Day – there will be real deal seekers who will wait and make a big part of their shopping December 28th and beyond.

– Well, if you're a retailer, you're trying to move this inventory before the end of the year, you only have three or four days to do it. And if there is a bad weather that was traditionally this week between Christmas and New Year's Day, you could leave with inventory that you were not able to move, "explains Kormer.

Now many retailers have told the trade council that the whole idea of ​​launching buyers in late November actually helps move inventory in a more predictable way, said Kormer.

Although Canadians seem to have accepted Black Friday as the start of the holiday shopping season, he said that Black Friday was a "Week on Thursday," during which different retailers may offer extended deals to lure buyers in their stores.

Kormer said that extending the Black Friday deals to the entire week also helps prevent "literal door crashes," when people will be staggered for hours and push the doors when the shop opens. It allows people who can not make day-to-day sales to go to the shops and find the goods they want.

This allows retailers to move the inventory in a more predictable way, helping to reduce the pressure at the end of the year.

Add to Cyber ​​Monday, which Cormier said was part of the Fourth week of the week, just adding to the opportunity for retailers.

Retailers use their suggestions in the store to increase the traffic of the website and the websites they offer to manage traffic in stores, he said. "So everything gets together and we just call it a black Friday.

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