Friday , November 27 2020

Tell us what you think about the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple's fourth and newest smartphone has gone through several months, and in our review we thought the device was "bigger and better in every way that counts," and "a decent device in its own right." It has earned a solid 87 score thanks to its enhanced screen, new heart-monitoring features and fun Walkie-Talkie calls. During the clock test, we found that the larger screen was more submerged, resulting in fewer faulty cranes. The speaker is also stronger (useful for Siri commands) and watchOS 5 performs fast.

Now we want to hear from you, the people who bought it. Does end-to-end screen and more powerful processor make Series 4 worth upgrading? Do you have useful features for advanced heart monitor? Share your experiences on our Apple Watch Series 4 shopping page and let your fellow readers know how good the hours are.

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