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Tesla Model 3 Fully Crushing Luxury Cars Contest in the US – 10 CleanTechnica Charts


Posted on 8 December 2018
by Zahari Shahan

8 December 2018 from Zahari Shahan

No one outside Tesla knows clearly, definitely, Tesla's official monthly sales data. No one outside Tesla knows the global figures, not to mention the American ones. However, one thing is obvious – Tesla completely breaks the competition in the segment of the average luxury cars.

In fact, even combining small and medium luxury car segments and combining models in these segments of the various luxury cars, Tesla is a king. Let's look at 10 charts to explore the November numbers for other brands and ratings for Tesla (and Jaguar).

Just look at this model against the pattern, it is clear that model 3 does not belong. Some will say that's all about Tesla's long list of reserves. But there is certainly more to it than that. Keep walking from home, and people just looking around for a good car need to be picked up on the Model 3 Mountain of Sales. This is the safest car, the fastest car in the price, the coolest car and the most autonomous car anywhere near the Mercedes C-Class or the BMW 5 Series. My question remains the same as in the previous months: Why would anyone buy one of the other cars on this list?

Here's another way to look at these numbers. Who does not like pie? (Actually, I'm not a big fan, but let's not go into that.) This big piece of reading accounts for 28 percent of the small and medium-sized luxury automobile segments in the US, which means that if the estimate is approximately true, 1 in every 4 sales of cars in these segments was the sale of the Tesla Model 3 in November. scandalous … if that is not so meaningful.

As in the previous months, I think it's actually more meaningful to combine the different small and medium-sized models for each of these brands. After all, Tesla has only one car in this overall range. The competition should not be ashamed just because there is greater differentiation and choice. However, the 28% market share is not changing and model 3 remains at the top – far.

It's the same competition, but it's so much fun for me to skip sales from January to November, that I've created a graph just for that.

And here is the third version of this chart if you want to slowly or quickly click every month of the year and watch the rise of Tesla Model 3 in 11 months.

Just pull out the 11 most popular luxury cars in the country (including the Tesla Model S of # 11), this is another fun way to observe the trend. In fact, is there a way to absorb the trend that is not fun?

You may think here that you see a repetition of the first diagram above. Take a closer look. This is the January-November sales for the various small and medium-sized luxury cars in the US. I almost find this the most interesting of all. It provides a context. It's not just sales in November or quarterly sales – see the full 11 months. It may be easy for critics, skeptics and trolls to write off one month of rising sales, but when Model 3 dominates the market for one year, that's something else. We'll see what things look like when we get official Q4 sales from Tesla. ?

But if we talk about the prospect, I think we need to bring even wider car sales. Everywhere in the US, only two luxury cars are becoming the top 20 list for November. This is the # 17 Mercedes CLA-Class and the # 6 (or so) model Tesla 3. Not so far from the top.

Again, sales over the year are even more beneficial, but Model 3 is still # 11. As we predicted last month, I suppose the tiny electric giant will end up in # 10, or even # 9, but I do not want to be too uplifted in public.

This is probably the most fun of all. Watch the rise of Model 3 in the ranks in competition with the most popular cars in the US. It's exciting. But what suggests most about this chart is that it looks like it's coming to a top position – or at least the third – that's about to come. Stay on the line CleanTechnica to watch the impossible achievement and to put in a correct, useful, sometimes even exciting plot.

Note that our Tesla Model 3 monthly sales forecasts are based on approximately half a dozen different sources and individual Tesla statements. We feel quite confident in the overall assessments, but as noted above, they are not official figures leaked by someone in Tesla or something like that.

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