Monday , June 21 2021

Tesla Supercharger attacks when the vandals break into the charging plugs, the cable is partially broken

Driven by destructive vehicles like Tesla's model 3, the electric car revolution is constantly gaining strength. In the automotive industry, new entrants focus on electric cars, and veterans like Porsche are committed to a sustainable energy-driven future. Unfortunately, as can be seen in recent incidents around the Tesla community, it seems that there are still some groups that show sustainability of electric vehicles as a whole.

Last December, a number of members of the Tesla community shared their experience with the involvement of Superchargers blocked by gas cars. While some of these "ICE-ing" incidents seem to be the result of a fair mistake, some of them have been deliberately deliberate. Owners of Tesla u / Leicina and u / Barcode Officially from r / TeslaMotors subreddit, on the one hand, note from their experience that some pickpockets who deliberately blocked Superchargers have verbally harassed EV owners.

While such ICE episodes continue to be reported in the Tesla community, an incident recently shared by a modern enthusiast owner Mark Larsen showed what could be one of the most direct actions against Tesla to date. As noted by Larsen, the Supercharger station at St. George, Utah – one of the oldest places to load the company – has been the victim of an aggressive act of vandalism. During the incident, the vandals tried to interrupt the Supercharger cable. The perpetrators also pierced the charging plugs.

Tesla St. George, Utah The superharmer recently fell victim to vandalism. (Photo: Mark Larsen/ Twitter)

As a result of the attack, the owner of Model 3 noted that three of Supercharger's stalls have become unusable. Fortunately there were several security cameras in the area. So there is some hope that the perpetrators of the Supercharger attack can be detained. As Larsen notes in his Twitter post, the incident has already been reported to Tesla.

While Tesla's electric vehicles are loved by many, the vehicles themselves remain polarizing for some members of the car community. In addition to the ICE and vandal action against Superchargers, there has been an increase in the number of breakthrough messages involving the company's vehicles. Only in the bay area and neighboring cities some Tesla owners felt as if they were targeted due to the frequency of attacks on electric cars.

Tesla inflator, occupied by non-electric vehicles. (Photo: Tehshayne / Reddit)

While responding to a model 3 owner whose car was damaged while unattended, Elon Musk notes that Tesla will release Sentry Mode as an additional security feature. Musk did not deal with the details of Sentry Mode, although the feature is supposed to extend to Dashcam's built-in Tesla solution and will utilize the eight cameras to capture videos compared to one. In the real fashion of Elon Musk, the name Sentry Mode appears to be rooted in pop culture, which is a feature of Iron Man's extra-protective mechanism for JARVIS.

In a recent Twitter comment, Elon Musk noted that the Sentry mode should be provided to owners who are part of the company's beta testing program for two to three weeks. Given the penetrating negative sentiment of the anti-EV community today, Tesla's Sentry Mode will definitely be timely.

There is no doubt that the revolution in the electric car begins. Since resistance to electric vehicles is likely to remain, little can be done to stop the automotive industry from switching to electricity, especially as key markets such as Europe and China are committed to a sustainable energy-driven future. Among car makers, the Tesla interruption with the S, X and 3 models has almost encouraged veteran manufacturers to stimulate the development of electric vehicles, as witnessed by cars such as Porsche Taycan and Jaguar I-PACE. As electric vehicles are becoming more and more prevalent, and as more and more carmakers adopt sustainable transport, we can only hope that the resistance to the EBC will eventually fade and disappear.

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