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The author of the American psychologist does not think the black panther deserves Oscar

Right black Panther deserve Oscar for best movie? Writer / Director and. T American Psycho The author Brett Eaton Ellis does not believe he does. The author was recently interviewed and talks about the entertainment industry. Ellis is often spoken, which has not earned many friends in the industry, so she is not afraid to talk her mind when it comes to almost everything. Although he is not a fan of President Donald Trump, he likes to joke with others who speak negatively about the president, just to raise people.

Brett Eaton Ellis is not alone in his beliefs black Panther, but most people just assume they will not win. However, the comic book has managed to take the greatest honors in the actors' guild and shows some promises in the Academy Awards. The interview with Ellis took place prior to the announcement of the nominations. He had to say that.

"No superhero movie ever received a nomination for the best movie, but believe me, Disney is doing everything in its power to make sure it's going to happen. black Panther is as good as a movie. Still, as part of the representation, they support it. "

black Panther They came to the cinemas almost a year ago and broke piles of cash desks in the process and made people come into theaters that would not normally be sitting in a superhero movie. He is currently the best superhero film of all time and aspires to take an Oscar home or two. But for some, the movie just is not that good and it does not deserve all the praise it has received. Brett Easton explains Ellis.

The entertainment press and the studio sell the idea black Panther is a magnificent work of cinema that can not be ignored. And this concept pushes into our throats and we can only smile in unbelief. Or maybe I understand this is just the moment we're trapped. Joke, scam. These are all fake news.

Fake news or not, black Panther nowhere goes. In fact, she has grown bigger since she was released. Brett Eaton Ellis believes that the praise for the film Marvel comes from somewhere else entirely and that it's not related to the strength of the project. Instead, Ellis returns to the representation. You can read his final thoughts on the issue below.

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"Presentation is so important to them. And with enormous meaningless inclusion and variety. What can be the most flattering pose right now – as if inclusion and variety have something to do with rewarding the film's merits. Oscars insist and this is quite disgusting.

black Panther he has a real chance to take his home for Oscar for the best film. Some fans will agree and many will agree, but Disney and Marvel Studios seem to be able to get into history at the end of this month. Brett Eaton Ellis does not rely on this, but it is possible. This will certainly make the Academy Awards a little more interesting this year. The interview with the author was originally conducted by B.E.E. Podcast.

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