Thursday , May 13 2021

The brightest stars of music perform at the parade of Maki's Thanksgiving Day (Including first-hand account)

Queen Martina McBride joined the New York City youth recital and they performed on the Balsam Hill platform. Despite the cold cold weather, McBride was fantastic in the show "The Wonderful Time of the Year," which was warm and nostalgic. The song is featured on her latest album, This is a holiday season,

Other accents from Macy's Thanksgiving Day include performances of such musical action as pop singer Kelly Clarkson, country star Cain Brown, R & B dear Ela May, and newcomer Taylor Marie.

Clarkson shot on "Heat," while Cain Brown brought a refreshing version of his new soft single "Good As You", which included his rich, romantic vocals.

Come May is superb in the spiritual "Boo & D Up" and Tegan Marie is sensational to "Keep It Lit", which shows her glorious voice (she must become the next great female star in country music).

All performers deserve a huge circle of applause to fight the cold to entertain the big crowd gathered at this annual Thanksgiving event. The performers are eclectic, presenting many genres of music.

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