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The CPC claimant claims that he has about $ 50,000 in carbon tax, which is closer to $ 5,400

The legislation of Alberta.

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A conservative candidate says she is wrong when she claims the church faces the $ 50,000 carbon tax bill, and the price is actually a small fraction of that.

"They have already told me that the expected cost of a specific carbon tax will be about $ 5,400 a year," Bronx-Medis Hak Michaele Glasgow, a NAC candidate for the year.

The province estimates that the $ 50,000 price will be equivalent to the carbon tax for more than 100 households.

"I was reporting the original figure in good faith and I did not intend to mislead," says Glasgow.

An astounding $ 50,000 wake up in social media waves on Sunday, and received a message from JC Kenny, who recounted Glasgow's message, "It's sad to hear such stories all the time."

The NPR struck Kenny for what they described as "a manifest neglect of the truth in the quest to push disinformation to anger.

"Regarding the positions of opposition members, all public-sector candidates and their leaders are responsible for verifying the facts and thinking critically before sharing information in social media," said Matt Dickstra, spokesman for Shannon's Environment and Parks Minister Phillips, in a statement.

He said on Monday that the Chief Pastor at Hilkest's Mission Evangelical Mission Church advised the province that he did not care about the carbon tax.

The original tweet from Glasgow criticizes the carbon tax, which costs the church too much.

"Today we learned in the church that the carbon tax will cost our church $ 50,000 this year," she wrote on Sunday. "This is the price of a lesser pastor for the sick and the suffering and less help for those who most need our community."

But critics are quickly questioning whether that number is accurate.

Mike Moffat, assistant professor at Ivey Business School at West University and former economic adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudo, was one person who had to go and challenge Glasgow's claim.

"The question about @jkenney is: Do you believe in stories? 50K / year For church?

In a post on Facebook on Monday morning, Glasgow doubled from his claim. She said the $ 50,000 price includes several facilities along with the main camera.

"But as an institution, it is still called" a church, "she wrote." And yes, it is adversely affected by the NPR carbon tax. "

She said there was a call for contributions to the expected bill for 2019 during Sunday's service. She also said it would not reveal the name of the church in question "from respect to the non-political nature of the church".

About two hours after this post, Glasgow said he was getting clarifications from his church.

The organization's operating costs for 2019 increased by $ 50,000 compared to 2017, she said. This includes an increase in utility costs, which is only shy than $ 22,000 over the past year.

"This is still a significant amount for a nonprofit that already deals with the burden of increased costs, and I do not think the impact has to be downplayed," she added. "I fully support my criticism of the NDP carbon tax."

The province said on Monday that a typical four-person household uses 135 gigajoules of natural gas and 4500 liters of gas per year. This would represent a total carbon tax of $ 508 a year before discounts are included.

OGP spokeswoman Kristin Mayat said the opposition had no reason to doubt the authenticity of Glasgow's tweet.

"Glasgow has published the information about what the carbon tax in the NDP costs in good faith to the local church, and after learning that she was wrong, has made a correction." Mr Kenny reproached Mrs Glasgow in good faith and also shared follow-up, updates, "Mayat said in a statement.

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