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The daughter is arrested in connection with a missing woman case

Lenezou Kublou, left, and her mother, Susan Cuplu, are seen here together on a photo posted on Facebook.


Susan Cuplu's daughter is arrested because the murderer detects the murder of the 37-year-old woman.

Leneze Kublu, who has been questioned this week many times, was arrested on Friday. She is expected to be accused of murder.

A media message from the police says one person has been detained, although he has not indicated them. She also said that they would appear in court on Saturday morning.

Susan Cooper is seen in court in Ottawa on January 10th.

Police Service in Ottawa

Kuplu was last seen in Ottawa on January 10th. The police have not yet recovered her body, but she believes the woman was killed. This newspaper understood that Lennes claimed he had confessed the murder and threw his mother's body into a container in the Penny Drive building where they lived together.

It is not yet known whether Kublu acted alone.

A police search is planned for the trail depot, where the waste of the city of Ottawa ends.

The last place where the detectives traced Kuplu were in Elgin Street court at 10.45 am on January 10th. home leave.

On January 12, two days after Cooper's last visit, Kublou and her friend, Dwight Apollo Brown, traveled by bus to Toronto. Then the family members believed that both women were missing.

Three days later, on January 15, Kublou and Brown were arrested in Toronto for alleged shop theft. Brown is said to have attacked the shopkeeper.

Toronto's police blame 28-year-old Brown for theft of under $ 5,000, assault with weapons, assault, and non-compliance with the conditions for release and release. The police also blames him for possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of stolen property.

Kublu was returned to Ottawa.

Picture of Lennese Kublu's Facebook.


Kuplu, originally from Nunavut, lived in Ottawa with his daughter for several years. She has other children.

Brown stayed in Toronto's detention on Friday.

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