Sunday , January 24 2021

The forecast includes sun, clouds, waves, stars, and comets

Look up.

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This is one of those days when you have to expect a little bit of everything.

Today's peak should jump to 0 C. Anyone who wakes up early will see that this is a very nice change from it feels like -17, which greeted the city in the smallest hours.

This will be mostly cloudy, although the sun can spit out its head for a while and has a 60% chance of unrest.

The gust of wind can reach 40 km / h.

It is time to unite.

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Tonight the temperature will drop to -13 degrees, and the wind can pick up to -19. Turn on if you have to spend time outside the dark.

The good news is that the cold weather will push the cloud cover, so later tonight we expect another beautiful, sky-filled sky.

These clear skies will continue until tomorrow, so expect a lot of sun and high just -8 degrees.

Windchill will be on the lips of all tomorrow morning – both as a word and as a weather phenomenon – because you feel that the temperature will be around -18 at the time you clean your car or get busy at school or at school.

Darkening on Monday night will be -13 degrees.

Tuesday, with a height of -8 C and a low of -14 C, will be very similar to Monday, except the cloud cover will start to sneak in.

The sun again has to dominate the sky on Wednesday, which Canada's weather forecast will have a high of -8 C and a low of -12 C.

While you can assume that the average time of the year is -8 degrees C actually is -1.7 degrees Celsius.

The average low is -9.5 С.

Temperatures will begin to warm on Thursday, but along with warmer weather will come more serious clouds and mixed rainfall.

This is bad news for every serious observer in the sky because there are two main heavenly events in the pocket.

The first is the jammin meteor shower, which happens every year at that time. Technically it started, but it has to reach a peak by the end of the week (somewhere around 120 meteors per hour).

Take the opportunity to take a look at some of these cold, clear nights, and you can be rewarded with a shotgun.

The 46P / Wirtanen comet has to make its kiel approach to Earth on Sunday, December 16th.

The Christmas comet that swings regularly from our neighborhood should be visible to the naked eye for a short time – if we are lucky with time.

We will keep our cool fingers.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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