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The Game Awards 2018: The Best Trailers and Top Listings

Game prizes are seemingly equivalent to Oscars for the video game industry, but the biggest names in interactive entertainment have never been known to reject good marketing opportunity. So the Game Awards have also become an event with new concerts, new trailers, game announcements, and other surprises accumulated between awards.

This year was no different, and The Game Awards was the home of some big messages from Fortnite creator of Epic Games, Ubisoft, and killed by independent developers. If you could not watch it live, here's the biggest news from the show:

Image: Simogo

Simogo announces Saionara wild hearts for Nintendo Switch

Simogo, the Swedish studio behind cult hits Device 6 and The Sea Dream, makes a stylish new game called Saionara wild hearts, confirmed that it will come out for Nintendo Switch next year. This is described as an "euphoric musical video dream of being great, riding motorcycles, skateboarding, dancing fighting, laser shooting, swords and heartbreaking at 200km / h." That sounds pretty promising.

Image: Epic Games

Epic releases its rival to Steam

Epic made a big show earlier this year when it announced it would open a digital PC and Mac games store to compete with Steve's Valve. Just two days later, this store is already live with a surprise launch during the awards for a wide range of high-quality Indian titles, including Annapurna Interactive and A44's ashamed, old hits like Super meat boy, and newer titles such as Darksiders 3.


Image: Annapurna interactive

Ashanon is now for Xbox One and PC

Ashen has been in production for more than four years and was first announced to be the exclusive Xbox console in 2014. A fantastic adventure game that seems to be inspired by Dark souls and Team Ico classics, is from developer A45 and published by Annapurna. It is now a surprising launch of both the Xbox One and the new Epic game shop.

Image: thatgamecompany

travel makes his debut with the computer in the new Epic store

Thatgamecompany of travel becomes an instant indicator when released on PlayStation 3 in 2012. The mystical story of the game, stunning visuals and the genius multiplayer element that connects players with silent, anonymous strangers on the internet makes it a truly superb experience that has never before seen, Previously, the game was exclusive to the PlayStation and has been conveyed only to PlayStation 4 over the years. It will now be available on a PC for the first time in the new Epic store next year.

The latest title of Supergiant Games is called hell

Supergiant Giant has become an Indian with a romantic action-packed role-playing game bastion, which has become a huge gadget of the Xbox 360 era of indie games when it comes out in 2011. Since then Supergiant has released a similar cyberpunk game transistor, and later switches gears with a strange and captivating fantasy in basketball funeral fire,

Now it seems that the company is returning to its roots. The new game is called Hades, and you seem to be fighting the underworld transistor style. The game is now available in early access from the Epic store for $ 19.99.

Image: Ubisoft

Next Long roaring game is a post-apocalyptic sequel of Far Cry 5

One of the most popular air trailers during the Games Awards officially took cover Far Cry: A New Dawn, Ubisoft's next installment in the open world series. Set after events from Far Cry 5, in which the villain Joseph Seed sends an atomic bomb, New Dawn there seems to be a dramatic change in tone and style. The good news is that the game will come soon – will it be released on February 15 for $ 39.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo gets exclusive Marvel with The black line

The first exclusive Marvel exclusive of Switch is a new title from Ninja Gaidan and Niyo a developer from the ninja team Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Line, This is a combination of platforms and developers we have not seen in 2010 in Methoxy: other M, and this must be very excited by the owners of switches.

Obisdian's newest game is called The outer worlds

RPG legends at Obsidian Entertainment have a new game that's called The outer worlds with the participation of intergalactic travels and all kinds of scientific and technological technology. Becoming a major force in the genre through Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic II, Fallout: New Vegas, and The pillars of eternity, Obsidian has been the winner of the traditional RPG flame for years. Now it seems The outer worlds will be an entirely new territory for the studio.

The creators of the Heaven to man there is a new game called The Last Campfire

Developer Hello Games is hard to turn around Heaven to man in one of the most ambitious and expansive games ever made. But with The Last Fire FireHello and Studio Sean Murray take a more intimate and carefully animated story-telling approach inspired by Pixar shorts.

Mortal Kombat 11 announced

There is a new Mortal Kombat on the road and it looks as awful as ever. Unfortunately, that's all we know about Mortal Kombat 11, which was shown on the stage of the show for prizes. But it does not take long before we find out: The game starts on 23 April with a suitable event on January 17th.

Newly The Dragon Age is on the way

After submitting a trailer for anthem, BioWare has made sure fans know that fantastic role-playing games are still alive. The developer showed the shortest jokes for the next one The Dragon Age; so short, in fact, we do not even know the correct title or when it comes out.


Fortnite highlights the creativity of the players in The Block

Not satisfied with the launch of a new season and creative mode, Fortnite Developer Epic has also decided to change the game map during The Game Awards. Risky Reels has disappeared, replaced by a new area called The Block, which will put some of the best things players make to the fore.

Joker looks great … at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo revealed the first downloadable hero for Super Fast Bros, and that's a huge surprise: The Joker by Persona 5The game is not even available on a Nintendo platform, but that said the slick and stylish Joker looks like a fun addition to the lineup. At least it will come with great music.

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